So Hungry!!!

I could just about eat my own arm, I’m so hungry. However, we have visitors from corporate here at work today and I have to appear to be busy. Appear to be busy means no eating  I’ve gotten a ton of work done today too. I never realized how much I actually slack off ;-)

I got my shipment of Knit Picks in so I can continue to work on Something Red. I am DEFINITELY ripping the sleeves when the sweater’s completed, and re-knitting them to fit better. They’re a tad too short and too big – especially for ribbing. I’m finally about to start on the ribbing of the body tonight. That will start to put a little closure on the sweater for me. To know I’m that close to finishing is a good feeling. Granted, it is inches and inches of ribbing, but getting closer to the end none the less. Now, the hunt for the perfect under-shirt.

Mom’s socks are at a stand-still. I knitted one too short and don’t have the heart to rip back. I keep hoping that the next time I see it, it will have ripped back and re-knitted itself. 

I started knitting a bag a couple of nights ago, but I only have one ball of yarn so it will have to be tiny. It MAY be big enough to be a sock knitting bag. We’ll have to wait and see.


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