Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

*Sighs Heavily* How I wish I could join all of you at the festivities this year, but alas, I live in Florida and the money for two plane tickets and a hotel room is just NOT in my near future. However, I’m saving every nickel and dime (and an occasional penny here and there) and I plan on going next year. Hey, what’s one year? We all know how quickly time flies anymore, and this way I’ll have more time to knit something really nice to wear. AND I’ll have saved up a little extra to buy as much stuff as I want! :-) Joy!!!

Ok, now that you all know how broke I am (he he) on to knitting. Something Red’s progressing nicely. I’ve been in denial about how much yarn I had left, so I stopped working on it. See, my mom has watched Kaylee for 2 years and we never had to pay for sitters. Well recently, mom has decided to take it down to only 2 days a week and we had to start paying for childcare. Even more recently, she took it down to only 1 day a week. Now, I know we have been VERY fortunate over the past few years, but I tell ya, one sure gets spoiled with the extra income of not paying for a sitter. ;-) Mom needed a break, and that’s fine! So anyway, money’s been a little tight as we get used to the new system and I had to go on a (GULP) *whispers* yarn diet. I’ve never been on one before and went into complete denial. I believe my thoughts went something like this… “Well, if I stop working on Something Red, my last ball can’t possible run out!” Lol, so I stopped until I was able to order more yarn. As long as I had that yarn, I knew I could make a stitch here or decrease there, but when the yarn was gone, IT WAS GONE!!! Now that more yarn’s on the way to live with me, I’ve picked up the sweater and started working on the last ball. I’ve almost completed the second sleeve and am not too far from the ribbing on the lower half. I love working on it. The pride in knowing I am creating a sweater, my first sweater is so exhilarating!!! Can’t wait!

On the Weight Watchers front, I’m at a bit of a stand still. I’ve gained a pound the past two weeks, but last week I lost both of them. I’m at a tie for my lowest weight since I started, which I’m still happy about. I think exercise had finally clicked for me this week, so maybe I can get into the groove of that and lose more this week. HOWEVER, Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and mom and I are making a Martini Bar. Calorie City, but it will be fun. :-)


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