May I Take A Mulligan?

For those of you that don’t play golf or don’t know anyone who plays golf, the word mulligan in general means to “take back.” You shoot a bad shot while golfing and you can take it back, re-shoot and it won’t cost you any additional points.

I had a mulligan moment today. But I have to start it with a story.

My gas gauge in my car is a little screwy. Once it has 1/4 tank left, the needle jumps around all over the place. 1/4 tank, E with light on, 1/8 tank, ¼ tank… so on and so on. Last night I got home from work and it said I had a quarter of a tank left. This morning I get in my car and GUESS WHAT?! My gas light is on and my needle is now half an inch BELOW E. Hello. This is probably the one time I should risk my light going BACK off, so I fly down the road to the nearest gas station. (And when I mean fly, 70 in a 55.) Well, here comes a cop. Oh yeah. Doesn’t even wait to get to a turn around. He’s in the median coming after me. Keep in mind, I have NEVER been pulled over or WITH anyone that has ever been pulled over. “Ok Carrie, stay calm and SLOW DOWN.” So I set my cruise on 55 thinking that maybe if he sees I slowed down, he’d leave me alone. Nope. Lights on and I’m on the side of the road. Fortunately, he looked at my gas gauge and saw it was below E. I’m not sure if he believed my story of the screwy gas gauge, but anyway! So I handed him everything he asked for and sat patiently while he looked over everything. By then, my car had decided to play nice and back up my story. While the gas light stayed on, the needle slowly inched its way up to 1/8 tank. I think he finally believed me. But THEN!!!!!
“Ma’am, did you just buy this car?”
“No, it’s a 2002.”
“Well, you’re insurance card doesn’t match.”
“This is for a Saturn.”
STUPID ME!!! I gave him the insurance card for ADAM’S car!!!! DO’H!
He let me go, but I still have to pay $7.50. He said that way he could let me go without getting a ticket and without it going on my record.

May I take a mulligan?


At 3:35 PM, Blogger carrie said...

oh dear, that's something i'd do. my paperwork is always a mess.

i love your yarn cabinet idea! i could totally use one, but my place is way too tiny.

thanks for visiting my blog!


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