An Interesting Night Sleep

This was too good – I had to post! I woke up laughing!

I have an extremely vivid imagination, so pretty much anything I experience throughout the day, I tend to dream about within the next couple of nights.

That being said, allow me to collaborate on the events of the past few days. Mom and dad are building a house on a 10 Acre lot, minimal 3,000 sf. Last night, I watched a show on the Food Network regarding a gingerbread competition. Everyone had to build famous mansions out of gingerbread. Yesterday, I took an on-line quiz, and the word sheep was involved in one of my answers. OK, my chain of events is set; on to the dream.

I was walking along, minding my own business, and out of nowhere was this HUGE house (one of the mansions from the competition) with the front door wide open. So, I decided to go inside and have a look around. Mom was standing in the living room, telling some lady that she loved the house. (I’m guessing this has something to do with them building.) I waited for her to finish, and we walked back outside. There was a lady squatting on the lawn by the side of the house. Surrounding her, were about 2 dozen tiny (about a foot tall) sheep! Suddenly, Adam was there and I was asking him if I could buy one! The squatting lady smiled and said “No honey, these sheep have….” After that, I don’t remember much more. I think she was trying to tell me something was wrong with their wool, which was the reason they were so small. I think I ended up getting on anyway but I couldn’t tell you for sure! :-D Ha!!!



Look what I signed up for!

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I can’t wait to get my match!!!

(Ok, I’m seriously through posting today)

Happy Camper Once Again

I went to the store a little while ago and got some Excedrin Sinus and popped a couple. I’m in much better spirits now, and while my headache isn’t completely gone yet, the rest of the work day seems possible.  I don’t feel like shooting my boss anymore ;-)

Someone Shoot Him, Please

My boss is whistling Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Does he not remember that my brain is about to explode from my eyeballs?!


For those of you who Spring is your favorite season, sorry. For most people, spring is a lovely time of year. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and shorts are in your near future.

Not me! For me, Spring is humidity (sometimes 100%) allergies, sinus headaches and we were wearing shorts mid January. The doctor says my allergies aren’t bad enough or frequent enough to be placed on allergy medication. Maybe they’re not bad enough, but having a sinus headache almost every day seems frequent enough to me. These headaches are the ones that sit RIGHT over your eyes and makes it almost impossible to keep them open. All I wish to do is go back home to sleep instead of having to work through it all day. I don’t believe it would be quite so bad if it wasn’t focused on only one side of my head. The left side of my face feels rested and quite happy for lack of a better word. The right side of my face on the other hand, feels like it’s been hit by a truck. I must have been laying on my left side when the truck ran over me. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a migraine. (knocks on Particle Board desk)

And that phone NEEDS to stop ringing!!!


Looking Up On Looking Down

Although today is looking up from last Tuesday (the day I got pulled over for speeding. And how ironic I would see TPD (Tallahassee Police Department) pull someone else over in the exact same way to the exact same spot as me one week ago today) it is still a yucky day. First of all, as much as we need the rain, I do not like rainy days. Second of all, they’re dreary and dark. And they make me want to go to sleep. I LOVE sleeping when it’s raining so anytime it rains, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than get back in my bed and sleep ALL DAY! On top of everything, rain gives me headaches and headaches make me cranky! Ok, enough of complaining!

On the knitting front, I’m still working on the FIRST sock of the FIRST pair of socks mom ‘ordered.’ By ordered, I mean pairs requested by the balls of yarn she bought. I told her however, I wasn’t sure how long it would take me so I’m off the hook there. I just feel so lazy! I’ve been working on this sock for weeks and I know good and well (thanks to the Knitting Olympics) that I can knit two pairs of socks in just 16 days! I have been working on other things, however. Like Something Red is coming along quite nicely. One entire sleeve is done. My yarn doesn’t have a lot of stretch in it, so the sleeves aren’t as snug as I was hoping for. In the end depending on the finished look, I may decide to take them out and taper them a bit more; we’ll see.

Kiri is still at a standstill. As I said before, I only have one size 7 circular, so it’s either Kiri or Something Red. I’m almost out of yarn for Something Red and am on a yarn diet until the first of May, so Kiri may go back on the needles soon. NOT until I finish mom’s socks though. After a long break from Kiri, that’s all I’ll knit on for days!!!

I am so tired today!!! I guess because I stayed up so late last night. Usually, I’ll fall asleep on the couch at 10:30 or so and Adam will wake me up around 1:00 and we’ll go to bed. Last night for some strange reason I was wide awake and didn’t go to sleep until 12:30!!! *Giggles at self* 12:30 used to be nothing!!! Now I’m dragging the next day if I stay up past 11:00!

Tonight’s Weight Watchers weigh-in. I’m NOT looking forward to it because I know I’ve gained! I ate SOOOO BAD this past week but I gave myself a break because it was Easter. Candy and eating out always get me in trouble! But that’s ok, tomorrow starts a new diet week and I’ll jump right back on program! I’ll bet I’ve gained 2 pounds!!! ;-)

As soon as I get off my lazy butt, I’ll download some pictures from Easter!


There Are Some Mean People In This World

This entry is strictly for ranting, so skip if it you don’t feel like reading. You won’t hurt my feelings!

I was standing in the front office of where I work which just so happens to be right next to the public bathroom – yeah, lovely. Well, these three teenage girls came out of the bathroom and looked at my boss who was standing up there with me. Now, my boss isn’t the smallest of women. In fact, she’s rather large. She’s a WONDERFUL cook and likes food! Fine and dandy with me. Well, (keeping in mind only a single glass door separates us from the public) one of them said rather loudly, “Is she pregnant? She looks pregnant!” And the other girls, with no tact at all turns and looks promptly at my boss. This is the boss that doesn’t particularly care for me and tends to make my life hard around work, but even I felt sorry for her. I acted like I didn’t hear anything and started talking about something else. It just irks me.

A few minutes later, (after my boss left) two other girls walked down the hallway and started yelling something about change. Then I hear “Ask that lady! Hey LADY!!! DO YOU HAVE CHANGE?!?!?! LADY?!?!?!” She was two feet away and a single pull on the door. Something about me you should know. If I ask a question, answer me. Either with a nod or something; acknowledge that you heard me! On the same hand, I do not answer to “Hey LADY!” Being the sweet wonderful Admin I am, I ignored her. Finally, I heard her yell, “She can’t hear! She must be deaf…” and they started laughing. I turned to look at them and then the other girl yells (through the glass door, still refusing to open it) “Lady, I SAID do you have change?” I didn’t even check, and I knew I had it. But it was the way they decided to go about approaching me for it so I simply told them I didn’t have any. She gave me a look and walked off. Maybe I was a bit harsh, but you know, show some respect to me and I will show the same to you. Again, on the same hand, treat me like crap and you’ll get it right back.

May I Take A Mulligan?

For those of you that don’t play golf or don’t know anyone who plays golf, the word mulligan in general means to “take back.” You shoot a bad shot while golfing and you can take it back, re-shoot and it won’t cost you any additional points.

I had a mulligan moment today. But I have to start it with a story.

My gas gauge in my car is a little screwy. Once it has 1/4 tank left, the needle jumps around all over the place. 1/4 tank, E with light on, 1/8 tank, ¼ tank… so on and so on. Last night I got home from work and it said I had a quarter of a tank left. This morning I get in my car and GUESS WHAT?! My gas light is on and my needle is now half an inch BELOW E. Hello. This is probably the one time I should risk my light going BACK off, so I fly down the road to the nearest gas station. (And when I mean fly, 70 in a 55.) Well, here comes a cop. Oh yeah. Doesn’t even wait to get to a turn around. He’s in the median coming after me. Keep in mind, I have NEVER been pulled over or WITH anyone that has ever been pulled over. “Ok Carrie, stay calm and SLOW DOWN.” So I set my cruise on 55 thinking that maybe if he sees I slowed down, he’d leave me alone. Nope. Lights on and I’m on the side of the road. Fortunately, he looked at my gas gauge and saw it was below E. I’m not sure if he believed my story of the screwy gas gauge, but anyway! So I handed him everything he asked for and sat patiently while he looked over everything. By then, my car had decided to play nice and back up my story. While the gas light stayed on, the needle slowly inched its way up to 1/8 tank. I think he finally believed me. But THEN!!!!!
“Ma’am, did you just buy this car?”
“No, it’s a 2002.”
“Well, you’re insurance card doesn’t match.”
“This is for a Saturn.”
STUPID ME!!! I gave him the insurance card for ADAM’S car!!!! DO’H!
He let me go, but I still have to pay $7.50. He said that way he could let me go without getting a ticket and without it going on my record.

May I take a mulligan?


A Fun Weight Loss Update

To date I have lost 17 pounds since I joined Weight Watchers. I have lost several inches between my waist, hips and legs and I have dropped 2 pant sizes.

One of the guys that does a lot of the roofing projects for my job came into the office just now. He had a new assistant with him. Now, this assistant didn’t say anything, but I noticed he kept stealing a few peaks at me. *Smiles* It wasn’t that annoying stare like when guys look at you like a piece of meat, it was very flattering. Since I put on so much weight, I NEVER got looks from guys anymore. That was fine by me because I have Adam and I know he loves me. But still, it’s nice to know I’m loosing so much weight that other guys are starting to find me attractive again. It makes me feel very good about myself and about all my work using Weight Watchers. If you’re looking to lose weight, give Weight Watchers a shot – it seriously works!!!


Reveal And A Thank You

Secret Pal 7 is officially over now. I was spoiled by the lovely and thoughtful Veronica and even though she doesn't know it yet (She’s awaiting my last gift) I spoiled Kelly!

Thank you Veronica for all the wonderful gifts! My camera has been on the fritz so I don’t have a wonderful photo to share but inside the box is all sorts of wonderful yarns (Including Kid Silk Haze!!!) a sheep measuring tape, some post-it notes, a day planner a small and cute pack of tissues, a row counter and I’m sure I’m missing something else…
Veronica knits the CUTEST flower shaped washcloths and not only did she knit one for me, but she also sent some additional yarn AND the Interweave Knits magazine the pattern was in so I can make my own!!! I love everything inside! All so beautiful!!!