Have you ever ordered something and then was truly surprised by it when it arrived? Well, that just happened to me. I ordered some size 00 Addi Turbos expecting to be able to knit more detailed socks with pictures knitted into them. I opened the package and while they are beautiful, this is one of those surprises I was talking about. The widest part of the needle isn’t even 1/16th of an inch wide! Holly crap I’m afraid I’ll break it! But oh…are they beautiful! Off to test them out!



I get in trouble with the paint program...



Updates On My Yarn Cabinet

Remember how I thought my yarn cabinet was going to be wonderful? Scratch that – it’s going to be beyond wonderful!!! A drawing to prove this:

Ok – this is facing the cabinet. The inside cubbies have changed a little bit and the drawers are a bit different as well. The MAIN difference and what I’m so excited about is the inside of the doors. Do you see all those cubbies on the inside of the doors? Um, hi. That’s JUST for sock yarn. I will SO be in sock heaven. Good thing I’m REALLY into socks this year ;-) The rest of the spaces inside the cabinet are for my other smaller skeins of yarn and the big drawer on the bottom are for bulky skeins. I think it’s big enough to stack 3 deep. The other two drawers are just for my needles – I decided against a drawer for my patterns. There are more efficient ways to store them. Oh, and that small space just above the top drawer? I have no idea what will go there – but it will be useful ;-) And incase you’re wondering, the doors will close all the way. Dad & Adam are cutting the inside cubbies more shallow so they’ll all fit together like a puzzle once closed. We’ve redesigned the front a little bit too, but that’s not nearly as important as the inside ;-) We’re going out of town this weekend, but next weekend we’re supposed to go over there with completed drawings and design ideas and start to figure how much hard wear we’ll need. This is finally happening!!! I’m so excited!


Happy Fridays!

It’s 3:04 pm Friday afternoon. I have a pile of work to do, but am I? No…It’s Friday! Nobody works on Friday afternoons ;-)

Guess what? Cirque Du Soleil is coming to our town’s Civic Center. Adam’s a huge fan so I’m going to try to get tickets. They’re not cheap - $70 - $100 a pop, but to see his face light up will be well worth it.

Guess what else else? My Dad and Adam are building me my very own yarn cabinet! I may have mentioned this months ago but I don’t remember so I’ll mention it again! I’ve been working on the general design. Wanna see pictures? You do?!

What do you think? I, personally think it will be extremely efficient. All the cubby holes are for yarn, of course. I’m not sure if I think I will keep the bottom cubbies divided further or not – still playing with that.

The first drawer is for my circular and double pointed needles. The outside divisions are for the circulars so they cal lay all stretched out. I was going to hang them on a peg on the inside of the door, but I think extended time of hanging will eventually cause the line to dent or kink. The middle few boxes are for my DPNs. I don’t need quite as many places for those as I do my straight needles because I just don’t use them much.

The second drawer is for my straight needles. As you can see, the shelf is divided so I will have a place for each size needle.

The third drawer is for all of my patterns. While I thought a binder might be efficient, I finally decided on a divided drawer. It will keep them all in 3 nice, neat piles and will keep then from sliding all around. In my fantasy world, these boxes would each be letter sized, but I think they will be a little bigger. That’s ok. My pouch of crochet hooks might lay here when not in use.

The fourth drawer (although not pictured here because I forgot to draw it ;-) ) will be an open (no dividers) deep drawer for all my bulky yarns. The top cubbies are for my better, fancier yarns. I wanted to be able to have a pull out blocking board, but I’ll have to still work on that one a bit.

All in all, I love it and we don’t even have the wood yet :-)


Ok – How Pretty Is This?!

Really the photo does NOT do the color justice but I absolutely LOVE the color. A silky feeling Terra Cotta with a sheen to it. As I pet the yarn though, I’m beginning to wonder if it will really be the right yarn for Knit & Tonic's Something Red or not. I shall see tonight when I cast on. I definitely need to swatch first and wash because I have the feeling it’s going to bloom quite a bit.

But…UGH!!! Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!?!?!?!?!


Okay Okay!

I’ll quit putting it off. I’M BORING!!! :-P This post marks my 100th and I was trying not to post until I had something really post worthy to write about. Alas, in the 11 days I’ve been waiting, my life has been get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. Oh well!

Something exciting though – I finally found some yarn for my Knit & Tonic's Something Red sweater. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m in LOVE with this sweater and decided to make it? Well, I am and I am. I finally chose a brand new yarn from Knit Picks: Shine Worsted in Terra Cotta color. I have a skein on the way to my house so I can figure out how well the yarn knits up but so far I think I’m really going to like it. I picked what seems to be a fairly simple pattern for my first sweater so maybe I won’t stress TOO much! If I get stuck, I’ll just take it to my LYS and ask for help. Meanwhile, does anyone know of a really great book on seaming? I haven’t done much of that yet.