Long Overly Drawn Out Photo-less Post!

Turn Back Before It Is Too Late!

My goodness has it really been this long since I’ve posted? Sorry about that! I’ve been so busy recently and when I’m not busy I’ve been battling with high blood pressure. The medication is working though and slowly my energy level is climbing. I still get tired in the afternoons and need a nap every evening when I get home from work, but I’m able to keep up with housework a bit more and it’s not quite so hard to get up in the mornings. Getting Adam up is another story ;-) Oh and Sharon, thanks for checking in on me to see how I was doing during my blogging absence. It was a nice emotional boost!

So anyway, being so long since I last posted I have so much to tell you about! Again I don’t have any pictures, sorry! It’s a really long story but it basically boils down to camera technical difficulties. I kept waiting to post until I could download my photos (another reason I’ve been post-less for so long!) but then just figured I would post them when I get them.

Mall Of America – oh. my. gosh. If you are EVER in Minneapolis and have a little bit of time to kill you absolutely MUST go here! Although the mall’s so massive you can’t see much of anything in a few hours. Mom and I were there for three days, doing nothing but shopping, and we still didn’t see it all. We didn’t even make it to the 4th floor! When we first walked in, to be honest, we were a little disappointed. No, “GASP *mouth drop*” It looked like any other mall (except it had 4 floors except 2 or 3) but literally within about 30 minutes, we were completely lost. Had absolutely no idea where were or where we had just come in. THEN came the mouth drop. We were really there and officially sucked in. And it’s not quite as repetitive as everyone says – it has like 4 Starbucks (but there’s one on every corner anyway) and 4 Mall of America gift shops, but other than that there’s no major duplicating. You will not get bored! You WILL get tired. We were so exhausted by the third day that we would walk for 30 minutes and have to sit down! It was a happy tired though. It is now a yearly trip my mom and I will be making. So much fun!

I am only almost finished with one Christmas Sock. Just one. The same stupid sock I was almost finished with about a month ago. I just can’t seem to make any progress no matter how much I try. For one thing I hate the yarn! Red Heart Luster Sheen is NOT made for socks! It knits up WAY to tight and even though it may LOOK like the same thickness as regular sock yarn, it’s not. Socks are possible with this yarn but PLEASE do a gauge swatch before knitting. I didn’t and my feet can hardly breathe while in the socks. I’m hoping I can block the socks a bit bigger…does that normally work? At least I know to work Kaylee’s a bit bigger. Oh and Sharon, I found matching PJ’s for me and Kaylee!  Wait ‘till you see! Also, I’ve been working on Clapotis. I’ve only dropped the first stitch but there is progress! I felt so bad dropping that stitch…I kept wanting to pick it back up and put it back on the needles, but I didn’t. I left it alone! I’m dying to get to the next drop but the socks will take seniority for quite some time I’m afraid!

Next comes Thanksgiving and WAY more food than you could ever care to hear about! Actually, take all that and double it! We had TWO Thanksgivings! We couldn’t obviously be in two places at once so we had Thanksgiving at Adam’s family’s house the weekend before and Thanksgiving with my family on the actual day. Between the two meals we had yams, sweet potato casserole, dressing, turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, broccoli casserole, macaroni and cheese, green beans, baked beans, cheese cake, apple pie, apple cake, apple pound cake and strawberry pretzel salad. WHEW! We. Were. Full. Two days after thanksgiving was the biggest rival football game of the season for our team: FSU (GO NOLES!!!) vs. Florida Gators! WE LOST! No…we were creamed! Something like 32 to 7. Ouch. But anyway the point of mentioning this was the food. MORE FOOD! Chips and salsa and cheese dip and onion dip, nachos, chocolate covered pretzels (which I made) pizza…I don’t even remember what all else! My family likes to eat! And we have Christmas coming up!!! MORE FOOD! Yum! Ok, I’m done with food now! I even ate a huge lunch and I’m making myself hungry for some dressing and gravy…too bad Thanksgiving only comes once…twice in my case, a year.

I’m REALLY gonna try hard to not let that long of a gap go in between my posts again but thanks for sticking by and waiting patiently.


I'm Boring, I Know!

Around this time next week, hopefully there will be pictures of the Christmas socks (I plan on finishing the first one tonight). As for now – still no knitting content.

Instead – you get an update on my latest trip to the doctor. My lab results were fine, but my primary wanted to see me about my blood pressure being so high before mom and I leave for our trip (I had hypertension when I was pregnant with Kaylee – it’s never come all the way down). Yesterday I went to see him. He had to do MORE lab work which also came back ok (apparently whatever tests they ran on me last time didn’t need to be run). My cholesterols a little high but that’s just because of my blood pressure. So anyway, he prescribed me a medicine for my blood pressure. Problem solved, right? WRONG! I’m allergic to it! Why can’t this be easy?! So now I have to test run another medication tonight. Hopefully I’ll find out if I can tolerate this one before the trip or not. It’s only the day after tomorrow. The allergy doesn’t hurt – it’s just uncomfortable. My head is itchy and wherever I scratch, the whole surrounding area goes numb and tingly like when the hair on your arm stands on end. Can you imagine what brushing your hair feels like with this?! It’s almost like an invisible rash on my head. No bumps or anything. It’s strange. Actually, the only other medicine I’m allergic to I reacted the same way – weird.

Oh, and the whole “having your doctor place you on a diet, I actually though about asking yesterday. Until my Doctor walked in, who also looked like he had put on a few pounds. I decided against it. If he lets himself get as big as he is he wouldn’t tell me I’m overweight. Oh well! Wait until I see a skinny doctor! ;-)


Lab Results

Patiently waiting for my lab results I had done on Friday (Ok, maybe not so patiently). They are supposed to call me within the hour. Why do I have a feeling it’s not good news?

And yes, they did make me take a pregnancy test. And yes, I did get my hopes up. And yes, it was negative.

Anyone else ever wished your doctor would put you on a diet? If my doctor would put me on one I know I would stick with it. Hmm…

Sorry, no knitting content today.


Bad Blogger! BAD!!!

I would like to apologize for my recent lack of posting. I’ve been sick. Sick sick yucky sick! I’ve been really tired and feeling sick to my stomach all the time. Sunday night I was sick (At first I thought my dinner hadn’t agreed with me) and Monday morning I woke up feeling that I had pins and needles stuck in my feet and hands. Kind of like the feeling when they fall asleep. I didn’t really think much about it and went on about my business. It wasn’t fun but it didn’t bother me. Tuesday however, it progressed to LARGE pins and needles and the tingling was moving up into my ankles. I called the doctor. I have an HMO insurance (You know how those go) and they could only get me in on the emergency side at the time. I didn’t really feel it was an emergency so I canceled. Today I’m regretting it. My blood pressure is sky high. I had pre-hypertension when I was pregnant with Kaylee and it’s never disappeared. It’s been regulated however so when I saw it back up so high I got a little worried. I’m going to the doctor this afternoon. Mom and I are going out of town one week from today (more on that in a bit) and I want to make sure I have everything taken care of by then. We’ve been planning this trip for a month and a half and I don’t want to screw everything up. To be honest, I feel like I do when I’m pregnant (the symptoms feel like it, I don’t ‘FEEL’ like I’m pregnant. There is a difference. You feel different when you’re pregnant – even with the morning sickness it’s a wonderful feeling). I can’t be though – I’ve had regular cycles and I’ve been a good girl with my pills and I REFUSE to get my hopes up! I know they’ll make me take a test though and I’m going to start to think I could be and hope for those two little lines and it will only be one and I’ll be crushed all weekend. This month is particularly hard for me. It’s a long story and some day I will get into details, but I was pregnant after Kaylee. I was 4 months along when we lost the baby. This month she would have been turning one. We’re not ready to try again yet – soon but not yet. So if the test were to come back positive, it would be great but if I expect it and its negative…well, I already said that.

So I’m going to the doctor to get this tingling thing checked out. And probably be placed on my blood pressure medication again. Joy.

So, my trip! A few weeks ago mom and I went to a movie and just had a good day together. No kids (well, I’m her kid so…..ok there was no Kaylee) and no husbands (this one I’m sure of)! We had so much fun! I was just about to sit in my car to go home when mom said “There’s nothing fun to do here!” So, on a whim I suggested us going to Destin Beach, FL for the weekend. That idea exploded and we are now leaving Friday morning to haul our butts to Minneapolis Minnesota to visit the Mall Of America!!! I’m uber excited! We’re leaving Friday and not coming back until Monday! Again, no kids (except me and mom ;-) and no husbands! We’re going to pack light and ship all our new stuff home – how great!!!

I need to skedaddle but here’s a little knitting update:


My Sunburst Socks Are Finished!


The colors are more true in the above picture

My project I’m currently working on is a pair of matching Christmas socks for me and Kaylee. They have a white fur cuff, red sock body, green toe and heel and a little Jingle Bell on the side! YAY!!! I knitted the cuff last night and did a couple rows of the red – seriously not trying to brag or anything but they are the darned cutest things I’ve ever seen and I thought the whole thing up in my head! No pictures until they are completed. It’s a surprise! My sisters and her family is coming home for Christmas this year and we’re all staying at mom and dad’s house. My plan is for me and Kaylee to come downstairs in our matching PJ’s (which I still have to find and buy) and matching jingly Christmas socks. There will definitely be pictures!!! Can’t wait!

Oh and here's a picture of a sweater I think I'm finally going to take a whack at:


It's a straight knit - not swirly like the picture looks - it posted funny.