This past Saturday, Kaylee and I spent the day with my mom baking Halloween cookies. We had so much fun! At first Kaylee didn’t know quite what to think about the whole process, but by the next-to-last dough roll-out, Kaylee had the rolling pen and was doing it all by herself! I have a video to prove it, but I can’t get it to post on here for some reason so photos will have to do.

Click on us to make us BIGGER!!!

And yes, Kaylee is sitting on the island. We didn’t have a stool the right height for her and I sure wasn’t going to hold her the whole time ;-)! She was (as you can tell) covered from head to toe in powdered sugar but had a blast! Making Halloween cookies, you have a very limited selection of colored icing you can use, so sorry if the end product is a little boring. We also only had 3 cookie cutters. Correction: we have more (we think) but looked and looked and couldn’t find them to save our lives. So again, sorry if the picture’s a bit boring.  Christmas will be more fun although Kaylee won’t be able to help the whole time. When my mom and I make Christmas cookies, we usually take up the whole day. We make around 3-4 dozen cookie-cutter sugar cookies and decorate them all. Then we have a cookie gun (It literally looks like a funky gun, you put the design of the cookie you want [flower, leaf] in the end, put the dough in the other end, lift up on the handle, press back down and you have a perfectly shaped cookie a bit bigger than a half dollar) which we’ll make another couple of dozen cookies from. We’ll use the flower shape a lot and put a dab of jelly in the middle before baking them. We make at least two dozen of those because between me and my dad, they get eaten SOOOOOO fast. Just last year, we started making chocolate covered pretzels INSERT PHOTO and this year I want to try chocolate covered pretzel balls. Those will by fun little eats. So yeah, those are just the cookies. We also make brownies and fudge. And yes, all in one day. This year I’ll take a picture of the finished table so you can see all the goodies! We really like the holidays, can you tell? We don’t have a typical Christmas dinner either. We have out dinner on Christmas Eve, and it’s more of a buffet. We have TONZ of stuff like Sausage Balls, Pigs in a Blanket, 4 or 5 different kinds of chips and dip and the best Christmas punch you will ever taste. I love it so much we had it at my wedding ;-)
Speaking of food for holidays, take a look at this:


Um....Trick Or Treat?

That is our Halloween candy for this year. Can you say Overboard? Now certain things (Pixie Sticks and Popcorn Balls) aren’t for the kids – they’re for me because they’re hard to find. But still. I don’t even want to know how much we spent!
And one last thing on food:


No, It's Not On Fire!

This is a meal in a box. Do you see the steam? Inside the box, you will find a white styrofoam tray with a black pad in the bottom, a tray of food with a plastic seal over the top, a tube of salt water, a pack with a napkin, fork, knife, salt and pepper. You pour the water over the black pad, put the food container on top of it, close it all back up in the box and the water reacts to the stuff on the pad. You hear it popping and sizzling, steam comes out of the box and after 5 minutes, you’ve got a piping hot meal. Mind you, I didn’t like it very well, but the cooking process if awesome!
Ok this post is WAY too long! :-) And for future reference, I’m SO jealous of those of you who get to go to the Sheep & Wool Festival. SO. JEALOUS. Bring me back something!


A Quick Shout Out!

Hi Christi and Heath, congratulations! She’s beautiful!!!

Christi, my friend from work, had her baby girl yesterday afternoon. Mallory was
20 ¼ inches long, 7 pounds even and soooo pretty! (This is the baby I made the blanket for from the previous post.) I can’t wait to see them both again tonight!



Hurray for finished projects!


The Blanket


The Detail - I LOVE it!


The Blanket And My Model.
(She Loves To Pose!)

I finally finished! It turned out a lot better than I thought it would and I think Christi really liked it! What’s funny is I actually did the blanket with the colors of the baby’s room – I didn’t even know the colors of the room when I started! ;-) The whole thing is done in Caron Simply Soft. I love the blanket, but that will probably be the last crochet item I make for a while. I just love knitting so much more – I think I like the support of the needles better than working off of them. So one project down – 3 more until I can start my sweater!
Speaking of knitting, I’m planning on finally finishing my cable scarf. I started that how long ago? It’s pretty, but now that I learn more along the way, I wish I would have done a few things differently on it. For one, I would make the cables smaller, shorter, and each cable would have twisted away from each other instead of both going in the same direction. I might would have made the whole scarf a bit more narrow, but oh well. What’s almost done is almost done and I’m not frogging ALL THE WAY BACK! I will know next time!
My sweater – still stuck. No clue. I love the Cutaway Carrieoke had recently completed, but I’m afraid if I make that first, I won’t get the satisfaction I would get from making an entire sweater. What do you guys think?
There was the CUTEST knitted dress for a little girl (like Kaylee) I saw in a book the other day. Pink all the way down to her knees, white ruffle along the skirt bottom, pink i-cord straps and a green star on the front. It had a little rolled brim hat to match – darling! I plan on making that for her next year, maybe. If I get all my other stuff done first. I would love to have her Dora blanket finished by Christmas, but I’m sure if that will quite happen or not. We’ll have to wait and see.
Before you go, hop on over to Sharon's blog and say a quick “gook luck” to her. She thinks she may be pregnant! YAY SHARON!!!


Tassels, Tassels Everywhere!

I’m putting the finishing touches on the baby blanket-the tassels! I should be finishing the blanket tonight, but that’s what I said last night and the night before. I stayed up until midnight last night putting on those tassels and it didn’t look like I had done anything on it! Tonight I’m gonna try REALLY hard to finish though! I have my next project in mind – a sweater! I’m not sure what yarn I’m going to use or what pattern it will be but I know I really want to make a sweater! I’m going to finish 4 projects before I begin it though or I’ll never finish them. My magic scarf, cable scarf, baby blanket (at least this one will be out of the way tonight) and my citrus socks. The scarves will be finished in a couple days of dedicated work, but I’m still only on the sock ribbing-and no, unfortunately they’re not toe-ups ;-).
I want my sweater to be something different- not your run of the mill average sweater. Maybe something with bell sleeves. I definitely want the color to be gray and something soft but not itchy. I really love (I know, cheap acrylics for a sweater?) Simply Soft’s Gray – I made Karen a stuffed elephant out of that stuff for Christmas last year. Ohh, you know what I could do? Mix the simply soft with a strand of mohair. I wonder if that would work well? Sorry, I know I’m rambling, I’m just so excited about the thought of knitting my very first sweater! I drool over the things that others have made and I want them! My ultimate goal was a pair of socks which I have completed so that I’m happy about. I guess I wanted to make a pair of socks more than a sweater because the heel turn intimidated me so much. Really, it’s not hard. It’s my favorite part of the sock, go figure! It’s kind of magic because you take this flat shapeless object and turn it into something three-dimensional.
1 hour and 19 minutes until I get to leave work and the weekend will officially start! YAY!


Any News?

Not here! Ok people, here is a quick update! I’m finishing up the crochet baby blanket for my friend from work. She is literally going to have that baby any day now and I want to make sure it’s finished. I slacked on it big time and am now pushing myself to get it done on time. That being said, I haven’t had time to work on anything else. I am planning on finishing the blanket tomorrow or Wednesday but we’ll have to wait and see. There may not be a whole lot of activity around my blog this week but I promise I will update as soon as I am able to. Well, as soon as there is something to update about! My clappy is the same, my magic scarf has an additional 5 rows and my socks are 1/3 the way through the ribbing. Kaylee’s Dora blanket hasn’t been touched and neither have her socks. Oops…