Hope you're ready! I've got photos galore to show ya (Click on them to make them bigger). YAY PROGRESS!!! In the first photo, we have Kaylee (my big girl - sniff) dressed up for Halloween. I got her costume in the mail Friday and I just couldn't wait! Doesn't she looks cute?! The next picture I had to show as a proud mom. That was the first time Kaylee climbed into her new 'big girl' bed! Again, sniff! I can't believe she's already going to be 2 yrs. in December. Time flies! (did I mention sniff?)

OK! Now onto progress! this first photo, we have my first bunch of sock yarn. Yes, this is the infamous 2 ply sock yarn swatch I've been promising for a week or so at least! I wanted to felt it SOO bad, but it's small to begin with there would probably be nothing left. I still haven't felted anything yet....

Here are two pretties! The first one is silk/merino blend (I THINK) and the second is my wool all ready for dying. This white wool is what will eventually turn into my Halloween socks. Speaking of...

This first picture is the white wool in the above picture dyed with Wilton's Food Coloring. The dye was black. And yes, you are seeing reds and greens, but no blacks. Ahem. Don't ask, I don't know! The second picture is the same stuff, just rolled into a ball. It's very red now that it's dried...

Ok - here's my big news!!! I figured out the whole '2 socks on 2 circs' thing and ya know what? It's not NEARLY as scary as I first thought it would be! I had NO idea what to expect and I had NO idea how in the world this could possibly work! I figured it out though and LOVE it! The thought of finishing two socks at the same time is so gratifying! Actually the picture was just after the cast on and first row. I continued to do 4 more for a total of : TA-DA!!! 5 rows! And it only took me a couple of hours ;-). I'm having to get used to it all over again; something new and all.

I'm so happy!!!


The Levee Broke. AGAIN!

Getting close to a month ago, I remember watching the weather channel and receiving updated information on a newly formed Tropical Storm named Katrina. Several days went by and as it approached the base of Florida I began to get a little worried. Living in the panhandle of Florida, we never know what part of the storm we’re going to catch. Looking closer, I noticed the winds were only at 65 miles an hour. Usually, a storm that low in winds and that close to land will not become very powerful so I began to calm down. That was Friday afternoon. I went to bed that night happy and peaceful; didn’t give the storm much thought on Saturday. Sunday, I checked the weather channel again. Over two nights, Katrina had exploded into a massive strong category 4 hurricane and was heading straight for New Orleans. No chance New Orleans would survive a direct hit from this storm. America waited with baited breath and watched as New Orleans collapsed under hurricane Katrina. The levee guarding New Orleans broke, resulting in millions of gallons of flood waters drenching what was left of the city. I almost felt somewhat to blame. I kept thinking to myself that I would never look at another 65 mile an hour storm and think it wouldn’t amount to anything. As people took refuge in the Superdome it seemed like a chance for survival. So America thought. Several were raped and murdered in the so called ‘refuge.’ I remember a news report of people shooting at the helicopters that had come to help and rescue. What had this monster done to our country? Once the storm blew over, New Orleans was nothing but a pile of rubble. Katrina left one thousand people dead, and even more homeless. The American Red Cross stepped in and helped Katrina victims as much as they could. They took in over $100,000.00 alone at the Florida State/Miami football game. The city of New Orleans, now almost one month later, builds the levee back up to protect from any further damage. As we pan over to the Atlantic Ocean, we see what appears to be a tropical ‘disturbance.’ Its winds are about 65 miles an hour and it’s close to land, but there’s not a chance you will hear me say it’s going to be a ‘dud’ storm. I learned my lesson. As if you were watching a recording of Katrina, the storm upgraded and hurricane Rita twisted and turned her way towards the southeastern part of the US at a category 5. One of the first reports I heard this morning was the levee surround New Orleans broke. AGAIN! My heart sank. As I think of what more to write…I realize I am suddenly at a loss for words. What are these poor people going to do? PLEASE be in prayer for these people, and please do as much for them as you possibly can!



Thanks so much for the kind words Donni, you made me feel a lot better.  Like I said, I know everyone goes through it, but it’s nice to hear someone else’s story!

Thanks to my GREAT secret pal, I have learned how to set a very strong twist in my handspun yarn. I spun up an ounce of yarn last night, wound it into a hank, soaked it in hot water and hung it to dry overnight. I was so excited about it this morning, I got dressed as fast as I could and ran into the bathroom to get my yarn. I began winding it into a ball, but had to stop because I would be late for work. Tonight, I shall finish winding it and hopefully knit it into something. What can you make with only one ounce of yarn?
I began spinning my wool last night for my Halloween socks. I think for this pair I am going to try dying the yarn with Wilton’s food coloring and add a bit of extra vinegar to set the color more. We’ll see if it works. I’m only trying an ounce at a time to make sure I don’t screw it all up ;-)
So ANYWAY, I have a picture of the ‘first attempt at sock yarn’ swatch, but it’s kinda crummy and I keep forgetting to take another one. Tonight I plan on taking pictures of all my new ‘stuff’ and will try to post them soon!


Hem Haw

I know I haven’t been posting very often. It’s not that I’m not knitting or anything, I’m just devoting myself to two projects until they are complete and, well, they’re not through yet. One is the last baby blanket I will probably ever make. Ok, not really, but at least for a while. I thought I had another month on this blanket but I doubt the girl’s going to make it another month before having that baby. So I’m stressing over that. I have 59 more rows and the tassels to complete. I’m getting to where I’m not enjoying crocheting any more at all. I’m glad I at least have the skill though.
The second project is my Halloween socks. I still have 1 ½ ounces to card from my wool and then I will have 3 ½ ounces to dye, spin and knit into my socks. I’m so excited I can’t wait! I would like to work on Kaylee’s Dora but I have so many projects on my needles right now I was to finish first. Is that selfish? Is it selfish to want to finish the baby blanket and 4 personal projects before working on her blanket? Or better yet, I still haven’t finished those socks of hers. I’m such a bad mommy…
There are some days I get so down in the dumps. Sometimes I feel like I’m too tired to clean the house, or I’m too tired to play with Kaylee. I get so tired I find myself snapping at her and Adam for the tiniest of things and then I feel so bad and vow to be the perfect wife and mother from that point on. The next night, it starts all over again. It’s not that I don’t try because I do – very hard. I’m just afraid nobody else (especially Adam) will recognize my efforts and think I’m just slacking. That’s why last night when we got home from work, we loaded Kaylee up and went for a walk around the neighborhood and then cooked a good dinner. I put Kaylee to bed while Adam did the dishes and then I worked on the blanket while Adam worked on bills. I figured if I can walk a little bit more and become more physically active, I won’t get so tired and maybe I’ll have a little more patience. It’s all in my head; Adam always tells me what a great wife and mother I am…I just don’t feel like it sometimes. I guess everyone goes through that sometimes.
Thanks for listening to my sob story…;-)


No Time To Post Much, BUT...

How dumb! I thought I had already posted these forever ago!!! OOPS!


The Infamous Baby Blanket For My Niece!!! YAY!


Closer Shot - A Little Wrinkled From Not Being Blocked

So sorry about that! And I promise, big post coming soon!


SP6 Has Begun!

Wow! I’m so lucky! We JUST received our Secret Pals like 30 minutes ago and already she’s e-mailed me telling me she’s bought me a year’s subscription to Spin Off magazine! How cool is that?!? This is going to be so much fun!! Thank you Secret Pal!!!

I’m still working on getting all the wonky stuff out of my blog from where I messed it up so badly yesterday afternoon. I still wish I knew what I did to it. It went all crazy and posted that picture of the sock I had drawn all over the blog – only it was in places it shouldn’t have been like the header and footer. Crazy! I’ve still gotta fix all my buttons back, all the links to my Gallery (which is, yes, still currently under construction) and my other piddle stuff. Hopefully I’ll get it all up and runny smoothly soon! Until then, if you spot something wrong – ignore it ;-)

Um...Hee Hee Hee!!

For anyone that decided to take a look at my blog this afternoon sometime - I would like to apologies for any...uhh....technical difficulties my website may have been experiencing. I'm not sure exactly what I did - but hopefully it's fixed now.
Again - sorry for the confusion!


Gotta' Love Sock Yarn - Especially Home Made!

Ok, I’m giving myself bragging rights for a few minutes. I have successfully met my goal on my spinning wheel. I have spun two singles and plied them together for a thickness no ‘thicker’ than sock yarn. YAY!!! I started knitting it into a swatch for even more bragging rights, but I haven’t finished it yet. I’m knitting it on size 1 DPN’s so yay for me! My next goal is to make enough orange and black sock yarn for a pair of Halloween socks. I probably won’t meet that goal with Halloween only being 1 ½ months away, but we can always hope for Christmas. And if I’m bound and determined to make Halloween socks, I’ll have them for next year ;-) I hope to finish the swatch tonight and snap a picture of it, but I think I’m getting sick and don’t feel so good so the picture may have to wait a couple of days.


Something along the lines of what I was planning on doing with the Halloween socks.

The orange lines along the top are maybe a two colored ribbing, but I’m not sure how well that would work. We’ll see, I’ll just have to play around with it. Maybe I’ll mess around with a little two colored ribbing tonight and see how it works. Would it be too much with a solid orange ribbing? I’m thinking maybe…
Ok I’m off for some Chicken Noodle Soup and bed! Hopefully I won’t wake up sick-er in the morning.


Catchin' Up!

Ok Wow! Remember that last roving I told you I had dyed? Well I spun it last night (Sorry, forgot to take pictures, I was a little tired – I slept from 8:30 last night until time to get up this morning ;-) ) and it was SOOOOO thin! We’re talking as thin as thread! If I get three plies of that stuff together I could have a nice ball of sock yarn! That’s my ultimate goal in spinning – to make enough sock yarn for a pair. I would love to start on some fair island socks for Winter/Christmas but I’m waiting to see if I can spin the yarn myself first. That may have to wait and become a project for next winter.
I told Adam last night, and I’ve already said it on here before too, but I just love my spinning wheel. It’s one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me!
Speaking of socks, Our Ben Franklin craft store closed last month. What does that have to do with socks, you might ask? One word – Going out of business sale! Ok, that’s 5 words but you get the picture. They had sock yarn and plenty of it, so I stocked up. I have enough to keep me in socks the rest of my life. Well, at least several months ;-). It was by Red Heart – I didn’t know they made sock yarn! Ok, well it wasn’t actually labeled ‘Sock Yarn” but it was so tiny it had to be! Either way – it will work for sock yarn and that’s all I care about 
We’re going to go pick up Kaylee tonight. She’s been staying with Karen all week – part of the reason I haven’t posted very much. We’ve been too busy living up the ‘no kid’ life. We’ve gone to movies, dinner and even the FSU/Miami football game! I really miss her though and can’t wait to see her tonight!

My Boogie!


Start To Finish

Ok all you picture lovin' people! Here is a step-by-step photo blog on "Raw Wool to Dyed and Spun Yarn - Start to Finish! (Clicking on each picture below will open it to a larger window!)


Raw, smelly wool


The raw, smelly wool taking a much needed bath


Carding out the dried,clean wool


A nice clean white roving ready to be dyed


My roving taking another bath, only this time it's in lemonade!


My roving after being zapped in the microwave. See how the water's clear? That's what ya want!


The dried wool resting


My wool re-carded and turned into a roving


My finished spun yarn! So! Much! Fun! I had to do this on my spindle 'cause I wasn't patient enough to wait until I had made enough to spin on my wheel;-)

Ok, so maybe that was a bit more information than you wanted to know, but I hate reading something I'm interested in and then not being able to find information on it. So there ya go! I had wanted to do something fun with the pictures like grouping them all together and clicking on them individually to open a larger one, but I couldn't get it to work right so this is what you're getting :-)!

Now, something I'm even more proud of:

My First Hand Carded-Hand Dyed-Hand Spun-Hand Knitted swatch!!!
Click For More Yummy-ness!

I spun this yarn on my spinning wheel. It's actually funny I picked these colors. I'm a HUGE FSU football fan and Miami is our biggest rival. Green and orange are Miami's colors ;-)

Oh, and since you haven't seen her yet, May I introduce:


TA-DA!!! And there you have it! This is what I've been up to recently! I actually dyed some more rovings last night cherry, but I haven't had time to take pictures yet. Soon!