SP6 Questionnaire

I should be posting a lovely post, full of pictures from my spinning extravaganzas on Suzie Q, but SP6 is coming up and I'd rather make it easy for my SP to get to know me ;-) Ok pictures soon!!!

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer high-end/natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you? I do not dis-like Red Heart (although I must say it is my least favorite yarn to crochet with...I haven't tried knitting with it yet) and I LOVE Caron Simply Soft! My favorite yarns are the ones that don't cost a fortune, but they're different enough that you can't normally find them in Michaels or Wal*Mart. So a semi-snob?

2. Do you spin? Crochet? I crochet but prefer knitting. I LOVE spinning (new at it but I love it) and have recently purchased an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel which I named Suzie-Q. Seemed like a good name at 2:00 in the morning!

3. Do you have any allergies? (Smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.) Smoke, STRONG perfume and will get to sneezing if I bury my nose deep into just about any animal fur.

4. How long have you been knitting? Hmm....3 1/2 months? And in that time I made a pair of socks I'm so proud of!

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? No, but any books other than "The Knitters Bible," Interweave Knits or "The Knitters Journal" from Stitch N Bitch would be appreciated!

6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.) Lavender

7. Do you have a sweet tooth? Very much so - Chocolate's last on my list though (I say as I shove a caramel filled Hershey's Kiss in my mouth ;-). I love hard candy (no watermelon) and Gummy Stuff. OHHH You know what candy's my favorite? Peach Jolly Rancher Sticks!!! YUM! I'm not sure if they even make them anymore...

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Spinning and dying my yarn, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, scrap booking and a little beadwork.

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD). My favorite radio station calls their music selection "The best of the 80's 90's and today!" Does that help?

10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand? I love blues, black and fall colors!

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets? Married 2 years with one 20 month daughter names Kaylee and no, no pets - yet!

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know) To be the best mommy and wife I can be - simple but true. Oh! And I want to go to Paris and Australia!

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? Acrylic Blend: Caron Simply Soft, but I would like to branch out. I'm dying to try Rowan Kid Silk Haze in the color Jelly. I want to make Kiri and it takes 3 balls of Kid Silk - something I haven't gotten around to ordering yet. Of course that would mean I'd have to buy 4.5mm and 5mm circular needles, like Addi Turbos! I also want to experiment with Lorna's Laces....

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? So far I haven't found any that I absolutely *don't* like. As I said Red Heart's not my fav....

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s? My Magic Scarf and my Clappy!

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? Socks and Shawls at the moment...

17. What are you knitting right now? Magic Scarf, Clappy, Socks for my daughter Kaylee, Cabled Scarf, and I'm crocheting a baby blanket! Seems like there should be so much more...

18. What do you think about ponchos? I LOVE them! I've sold a couple of them and always had such a hard time giving them away. I crochet a matching set for Kaylee and myself last winter! Good times!

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Depends on the project...although I'm really starting to see the joy in circs!

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic? Aluminum Addis and maybe bamboo needles as long as they're REALLY sturdy! I broke both pairs of my Addi
Bamboo circs....:-(

21. Are you a sock knitter? I LUUUUUV hand knitted socks, and if I ever finish my daughter's pair, I'm sure she will too ;-)

22. How did you learn to knit? Taught myself out of a book!

23. How old is your oldest UFO? I'd have to look in my stash to make sure...but I'll bet on a crocheted Roseanne Blanket. For those of you that watched the ever popular Roseanne, remember the black blanket she always had on the back of her couch? It's one of those...hence the name :-)

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!

25. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, hands down. I also get into decorating for Halloween.

26. Is there anything that you collect? Other than yarn, right? ;-) Porcelain figurines and DVD's ;-)

27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? Interweave Knits

28. Any books out there you are dying to get your hands on? I would love Stitch 'N' Bitch or Stitch 'N' Bitch National (is that what it's called?)

29. Any patterns you have been coveting, but haven't bought for one reason or another? To be honest, I haven't done much shopping for patterns. I'm pretty new to knitting so I'm living off the small freebies still. I can't wait to experience the "World of Patterns!!!"

30. What are your foot measurements, and what kind of socks do you like? I'm a size 8 1/2 ish and I love just about any kind of socks. If they're prettyful and functional, I'll like 'em!

So there you have it soon to be SP! Hope this helps!!!
Have fun!


Spinning Spinning 'Round And 'Round!

Your Mood Ring is Blue-Green

Inner emotions charged
Yet, somewhat relaxed

Ok, that’s crazy…it’s actually right. How does my computer mouse know my mood?

So today’s going to be a really long day. I’m not going to be able to take a lunch. We’re short a public safety officer. See normally they cover Customer Service for two hours, long enough for Customer Service to take an hour lunch and then an hour for her to cover my lunch. Today, I’ll have to cover her lunch, but she’ll need to get back out there ASAP so she can’t cover mine. That’s ok though, I had to take an extra hour last Friday so this will make up for it. Anyway, that’s more information that you wanted to know ;-).
My spinning wheel came last night! I was so excited when the UPS man showed up! It was in several more pieces than I figured, so Adam had to put it all together. I worked on the blanket (which I will finish tonight) while he began that project. Around 12:30 last night I fell asleep on the couch. He was still going strong at a quarter ‘till 2:00 when I finally go up and went to bed. I told him he didn’t need to feel obligated to finish before he went to sleep, but he likes building things and hates stopping in the middle. When I woke up this morning I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I threw the covers off of me and ran into the living room. There it was – my little Suzie-Q. I’ve been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of what to name her and last night it just hit. I slept a little late and didn’t have time to play with her this morning (ok – 5 minutes but I was just trying to figure out how to work it all). Tonight after finishing the blanket, I will have the rest of the night to spin until my heart’s content. It’s not as easy as it looks either, let me tell you. You don’t just stick your foot on the treadle (pedal) and make the wheel go around. You have to start the wheel with your hand which gets the treadle going. The you have the pump the treadle HARD with your foot at first because if you don’t, the wheel will start spinning the opposite direction. Once you get the wheel going, you must pump in a very steady motion or she’ll stop all together. Confusing, but a lot of fun! And I learned all that in 5 minutes! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have pretty pictures of what I was able to spin. Maybe I’ll have a whole pile of it even! I’ll need to put down something to keep her from sliding. We have tile floors and she started walking away from me! Guess she wanted to go back to sleep…;-)


MAJOR (We’re Talking Major) Photo Blog! Part 2!

Ok, so it turned out to be two days later. I hope you don’t hate me!
First of all, let me just say that I went to the Melting Pot for dinner last night (cheese and chocolate only) with some of my girlfriends – and MMM MMMM!!!! I always forget just how yum that place is!

I forgot to tell you guys that I finally got around to ordering my spinning wheel last week. I would expect it in the mail either today or tomorrow, but it may not get here until next week. I ordered the Ashford Traditional single drive single treadle wheel with a clear lacquer finish. Adam wanted me to order the Cherry finish, but I love the Beachwood color so that’s what I got. Oh, and let me tell you the story about the wool I ordered. Most of the time, to get a pound of white 100% wool you would need to shell out around $30. So naturally, when I found a pound on the internet for $12 I snatched it up. Small problem; the description should have read: 100% un-carded wool! I thought I was getting ready-to-spin stuff. Uh..no! It was literally shorn off the sheep and shoved in the bag (and MAN, does it smell!). That would have been ok (more work for me..but ok) except I don’t have any wool carders. I JUST placed an order for them a few minutes ago and now believe I have ordered everything I need for a good time of spinning. So, pictures to show off all my new toys!


This is my lovely sheep in a bag. Don’t open it though – the smell that comes from that bag is enough to kill you.


Here’s a better, more textured shot of it


Here is the exact same stuff, just washed, cleaned and spun as much as I was able until I have my wool combs. Looks a LOT better, huh? SMELLS a lot better too…


This is 8 ounces of a luscious pink silk/merino blend. The whole thing was only $20! I have ordered Golden, Black and a beautiful dark Sky Blue as well in the same blend. They didn’t have them in stock at the time…so patiently I wait.


Here’s a better shot of the yumminess!


My ball winder! I couldn’t decide on a ball winder or a skein winder, but eventually ended up with this. As a beginner spinner, I shouldn’t be winding TOO much stuff at first. I can always get a skein winder if I need it…;-)

SO! MUCH! FUN! I can’t wait till my ‘missing pieces’ arrive, like my wheel! And for your entertainment, two of my current projects:


Mommy Sock and Baby Sock. Yes, I started this thing forever ago, but just can’t bring myself to finish. She’ll be to big for them before too long.


This one I’m proud of. It’s the Clapotis from knitty.com. I love this pattern and I haven’t gotten to the dropped stitches yet, how cool is that?! I definitely see myself making a thicker one for late fall/early winter. Yep Yep!

As I said: Two days ago + today = MAJOR Photo Blog! Hope you enjoyed!


MAJOR (We’re Talking Major) Photo Blog!

And when I say major – it causes for a warning:
There ARE indeed knitting photos, but if you’re not interested in seeing random photos of other things that really have nothing to do with each other, here’s your chance to turn away!

We begin our little tale with a shopping extravaganza. This splurge happened after dinner with mom and dad at Cracker Barrel last weekend (Man, it’s been a long time since I last posted!). As you know, IF my memory serves me right and I have indeed told you this before, Adam and I are decorating our kitchen in Apples. Ever since we began decorating, I have been looking for an apple cookie jar. Not just any apple cookie jar, a cookie jar that was actually a huge apple and nothing more. Easy, huh? Not so much. We began decorating our kitchen in apples last September and it’s taken me a year to find a cookie jar. But lo and behold, lookie what Cracker Barrel was hoarding in its hot little hands just for me!


I’m the beauty that has driven my mommy
to near insanity for the past year

Needless to say, I’m SOOO happy! Next we bought an apple cider jug with four little matching cups that appear to be apples until turned around in which case they shed their true identity – A jack-o-lantern! Which is great because we can keep them out all year and just turn the face to the wall in non-Halloween times. We also bought a little glazed pumpkin tea kettle and matching salt and pepper shakers, but I didn’t need to photograph those. After all, the cookie jar had already stolen my heart by far.
Speaking of stealing your heart, take a look at these! $40 at Wal*Mart. Have I mentioned how much I love Wal*Mart? The people scare me sometimes, but when you stop and think about it, you suddenly turn into one of those people by just being there. Oops! Did that make sense to anyone but me? ;-) Look how happy my little boogie looks! She slid on that slide ALL day!!!


Kaylee's New Pool


Go Kaylee! Go!

And last but not least of the random pictures – then on to fiber-y things.
Just because I was so proud of how well this turned out:

MMM Brownie!
(Said with a Homer Simpson accent)


A Slice of Heaven
Or at least Brownie

“Food, so?” If this thought has entered your head, you clearly aren’t normal because
A. It’s chocolate
B. It actually came out right! I Do-Not-Cook! Not to say I’m a bad cook or anything, but I have a history of things never coming out EXACTLY right! So there you have it!
Actually, it’s a form of the loved Molten Lava Cake. Never had it, you say? Well, it’s basically a cake or brownie, where the outside is fully cooked but the inside is warm and ooey gooey and still melted. Slab a bit of vanilla ice cream on top and Yum-O!

Will I be horribly frowned upon if I take a break and finish this post tomorrow? I hope not – sorry!


Knitting Guru

Knitting Guru
You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting
and do it all the time. While finishing a piece
is the plan, you still love the process, and
can't imagine a day going by without giving
some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation
involves leaving ample space for the stash and
supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn
ends and you begin.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today is my 3 year anniversary with my current job. Work’s been very pleasant recently and even fun (almost). But anyway, enough about work.
In knitting news, I’ve been slacking a bit on all my WIP’s as I JUST turned the heel on Kaylee’s first sock last night. I was going to take a picture, but it doesn’t really look like anything yet with it being so little. So as soon as I finish the sock I will snap a couple.
I’m WAAAAAAY behind on my sister’s baby blanket. Again. My parents are leaving in two weeks…I need to bust my butt and get it done.
Scarf- No progress
Clappy- Ripped it
Dora- 4 rows?
Is that all I’m working on? Seems like so much more…;-)


My New Pride And Joy

No yarn in the mailbox for me last night when I got home, but my circs WERE!!! I did not open them though, and went right to work on the baby blanket. Ok, I peaked, THEN I worked on the blanket. Ok, I actually took them out, started on a pair of socks for Kaylee out of my leftover sock yarn and didn’t touch the baby blanket, happy ;-)? Oh, they are dreamy to knit with! The joins are the most incredible joins I’ve ever seen on a pair of circs. I kept showing Adam how easily the sock slid back and forth, and finally on like the 4th show-and-tell, he smiled and rolled his eyes a bit to show me casually that he had had enough of the circular needle join.



Congratulate me! I have officially finished my first EVER knitted project, and I am pleased to say it is a pair of socks! My brown socks to be exact! It really seems like socks are HUGE to take on as a first project, but it’s not what you think. I’ve swatched stitch after stitch, started project after project and have played with many a needle size. Contrary to what it may seem, I did not decide I wanted to learn how to knit and then pick up some DPN’s and make some socks. Wish I could say I did though ;-).

Click on us to make us BIGGER!!!
Ignore the stitch markers please!

Anywho, all that aside, I am very happy!!! I bought some yarn for my next pair of socks and it should arrive sometime this week. Along with my new aluminum circulars. YAY, no more DPN’s! Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were both in the mail today, waiting for me to get home after work? Actually, it would probably be better if they’re not. I know as soon as get them I will begin on the socks and I HAVE GOT to finish my niece’s baby blanket. I hopefully will be through next week, which will still be in time for mom and dad to take it with them when they go for a visit. Then I also have the rest of the cable scarf, the Dora blanket and the blanket for my co-worker, but that’s all. My next big project after the socks will probably be a sweater. I’m about to die to make one, I just haven’t found one I‘m all ga-ga over yet. I just want a plain top down sweater for the winter. Nothing too heavy considering I live in Florida and it doesn’t get all that cold down here. I want to make a shawl too, but I’m having a time with the Clappy and I don’t have the yarn for Kiri, so I’m stuck in the shawl department a bit. That’s ok, socks will suffice for now.


Naughty Blogger

I’ve been bad, I know. I HATE not posting every couple of days, but work’s been an absolute MAD-HOUSE this past week. All I can say is hurray for Fridays! I don’t have a whole lot to day today so I figured I’d get caught up (all except pictures because I forgot my memory card) as much as I could.
Like I said, work’s been crazy. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely has its ups and downs and this week’s been more downs. Also, mom’s recently told me that she’s not going to watch Kaylee anymore during the day so that’s been stressful trying to find someone. It’s coming down to the wire and we’re still looking. Adam’s making a few phone calls today, so cross your fingers and send good luck vibes!
In crochet news, I’ve got 1 ½ more strips to make one my sisters baby blanket (out of 10 I think) then I have to sew it all together and crochet the border. YAY! I’m almost finished. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking making a blanket totally out of motifs. I HATE motifs, but this blanket really is beautiful and I love it. I’m sure my sister and the baby will too, and that’s what matters. I’ve done absolutely NOTHING on Christi’s baby blanket yet. She’s not due until the end of November, so she can wait ;-).
In knitting news, I’ve been having sock trouble. In fact, I’m having trouble in about all I’m knitting. I don’t know what’s up with me.
Brown Socks: I had completed the sock heel Wednesday night (minus 2 rows) and was about to turn it. I still can’t resist trying them on after like, every 3 rows, so I put the completed one on my foot and then slid on my down-to-the-heel sock. The heels matched up great, but the top of the sock I was working on came up WAY higher on my leg than my completed one. What had I done to screw up my oh-so-perfect-pattern you may ask? Well, as I was writing my oh-so-perfect-pattern, I decided to add an additional 30 rows for lord knows what I was thinking. See, my pattern reads (when written correctly) 30 rows of ribbing, 10 rows of stockinet stitch and then you work the decreases and increases to fit my ankle over the next 20 rounds of stockinet stitch. That’s how my first sock was. On my pattern however, I wrote to do 30 rounds of ribbing, 30 rows of stockinet and THEN work the decreases and increases over the next 20 rows. So I had an extra 20 rows I had to rip, not to mention my heel flap I was only 2 rows away from completing. Here it is Friday, and I still have 10 more rows to my second attempt on my heel flap. I haven’t put quite as much heart and soul into it as I was there for a while. Oops.
Scarf: Remember that pretty grey, white and black cable-scarf I was knitting? No news. It’s still there, just not growing any. I’m sure my motivation on that will change one the temperature quits rising to 90° every single day. It’s! Hot!
Purple Socks: I quit. I have two lovely skeins of this sock yarn and I just can’t bring myself to waste them on a pair of socks that do not fit me at all. I just can’t. But now I’m so sick of looking at the yarn from my many failed attempts of turning it into socks, that I’m not ever sure if I want to make a pair that fits. So what do I do with it?
Clappy: I make a Clappy! Well, I try anyway. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that this is one of those patterns that take every single bit of your concentration to make. No TV, no noise, NO NOTHING!!! I keep forgetting to purl into the front and back of the stitch before turning the row so I always come up a stitch short. Finally I got so aggravated I ripped it all out. Luckily I was still only on the increase rows.
I ALSO cast on for a Dora blanket I want to make for Kaylee. I was going to crochet it, but when placing a picture on a blanket such as Dora, a single crochet doesn’t always work the best. So, being as though I like knitting better and I already have the circulars I needed, I just decided to knit it. 200 stitches by 200 rows! This will take forever ;-). And I promise I won’t bore you with row by row updates although for starters, I’m 3 rows in already. Here is a picture of a crocheted Dora blanket that someone made so that you can get the idea.

That's the lady who made the blanket, not me

Guess what? (Forgive me if I’ve already posted about this) I broke my bamboo sock circulars and had to go back to my double pointed needles. I was very sad. I finally broke down and bought me some aluminum ones from e-bay but they won’t be here until next week sometime.
So there you have it, a week in the life of Carrie. Great week, huh? He He!