Please deal with me for the next 20 minutes. I have a 3 day weekend coming up. Its 20 minutes away; I am falling asleep. I can’t possibly stay awake all by myself for the next 20 minutes. I just can’t do it. I have no pictures; I have no knitting stories (except that I will probably begin the toe on my brown sock tonight, maybe); and my head is killing me (my headaches seem to be coming back with vengeance). So you will be my buddy for the next ::checks clock:: 14 minutes. No, it didn’t really take me 6 minutes to type this, I was chattin’ too.
So, La La La I’m trying to stay awake and meanwhile try to think of something interesting to tell you about. Like my day off tomorrow! I’m stoked!!! I told Adam I’d get up early and clean the house before my doctor’s appointment (I’m having some moles removed) but in all likelihood, I’ll sleep in as late as possible and knit the rest of the time. I’ll be in SO MUCH PAIN from having the moles removed I may just have to run by Faye’s and buy me a skein of sock yarn. And yes, I will be in pain, if I’m not knocked out cold. ANY sedative will kick me silly. Having a mole removed is such a small thing, that most people could jump on a tractor and mow the yard right after. I’ll be lucky if I’m able to walk out to the car on my own. I’m basing this theory on the last mole removal I went through. I had two taken off and was falling all over the place. This time, I’m having 3 (count ‘em) 1, 2, 3, removed. That’s THREE shots of happy medicine! I will be sleeping the rest of the day. Yep…Luckily Adam will be there to drive me home. *Shrugs* Happy day off to me!
P.S. Thanks for keeping me awake!

Finally, A Quick Photo Post!

I don't want to let down any of you that were expecting photos tonight, so here they are! However, it's late (Ok, not really, It's only 11:00 pm) and I'm just ready for bed :-)

So we have....

The Purple Sock That Doesn't Fit Worth a Crap!
(It comes up WAY to high on my leg,
and that's with it folded over!)

The Side Of My Prettyful Brown Sock!
It Looks All Crooked, But It's Just The
Way The Circs Are Laying.

My Heel, Just Because I'm So Proud Of It!

My Beloved Brown Sock On My Lucky foot.

And, The Beautimus Detail
Of My Stitchery, YAY!!!

There you have it! Nothing special to anyone who doesn't hand-knit socks themselves. I think they are beautiful and they are soft, pretty and fit GREAT! Hurray for hand-knitted/custom socks!


OOPS! Or 'Up-zie' As Kaylee Says

I had a serious learning episode last Friday night. Remember how I promised pictures and everything? Well, I had a really rotten day that Friday so accidentally DELETING my pictures before posting them was kind of my last straw. I thought they had posted, so I deleted them off my memory card. They never actually posted though. From now on, I will make sure to check that a little closer. Since then, I haven’t done much of anything. Hardly any knitting, picture taking and definitely NO POSTING! I needed a break I guess. But I’m back and fully charged!!! YAY! I worked on my brown sock a lot yesterday and completely finished the gusset decreases. I tried to do a practice toe, but it ended up looking like a cone in the end. I guess I decreased too often. Tonight when I get home from work, I will again attempt to take pictures. Does anyone know roughly how many rows one would knit before beginning the toe decreases? The toe, for some strange reason, horrifies me! Much more than the heel ever did. I guess that’s because it’s the end of the sock, it looks this good so far and I just hate to screw it up.
I’m debating on finishing my purple sock or not. It just bugs me a little to waist all that sock yarn and KNOW that the socks aren’t going to fit. Maybe I’ll just finish the one sock and use the rest of the yarn to make a pair that fit. I don’t want to feel like I’m backing out of a project, but still. I’m just a little stuck.
Oh, for those of you who are interested, here is a picture of the newest edition of our family, my little niece, Kendall Grace who is a week old this morning.

Baby Kendall

Isn’t she cute? Makes me want to have another baby SOOOO bad! I’ve wanted to have another REALLY bad since Kaylee was born, but now I want one even more. Adam says no though, and that’s ok because I know we can’t afford another one right now. Maybe in a couple of years.
So as I said, tonight I will try my second attempt at pictures. Sorry about all that...

But for now, my nice new yummy yarns that finally arrived only a WEEK after ordering them. Yeah, these are the yarns that were only supposed to take 2-3 days ;-).
Blue Bubbles and Merve Atlantik

Close-up of Atlantik

Oh! Here's a quick funny for you:

Meet Edward!

This is Edward. Edward is the Mall Office's new shredder. We named him Edward from Edward Sissorhands. It seemed fitting. Why am I so happy to show off our new shredder? Because I don't have to do it by have anymore, YAY!!!! :-) Now if only I could get this excited about finishing Kendall's baby blanket!


There Would Be Pictures

I know, you're going to kill me for non-posting of pictures, and I was seriously going to post them today but I forgot to bring my memory card to work with me.

I picked up my purple sock last night and did a few rows on it. I'm still working on the decreases past the heel. I noticed I had dropped a stitch and knitted over it again. Kept going 20 rows before I realized what I had done. I tied it up in a way it wouldn't run down the rest of my sock and kept going. The socks don't really fit and I'm not going to wear them anyway, so what's the point in taking out 20 rows just to fix that one stitch? Actually, you’re probably wondering why I’m even finishing the sock if I know it doesn’t fit. That’s because it’s a learning experience, and the moment I rip out the sock, I’ll wish I still had it. “Errors and all, this is my first pair of completed socks.” So there ya go. The pictures I took last night are of the purple sock on my foot (toes hanging out of course) to show how big it is on me, and a picture of the brown sock to show how nicely it fits. I’ve altered my orange sock a lot. The purple sock leg was 18 rounds of ribbing and then 76 rows of stockinet stitch. My orange sock had 30 rows ribbing and 30 rows stockinet stitch. I. LOVE. IT!
Did I mention it’s Friday? Thank God. It’s been a quick week, but I’ve had some stomach problems the past couple of weeks and I’ve come home feeling absolutely I’ve-been-hit-by-a-truck-exhausted every single night (no, I’m not pregnant). But it’s Friday and I have the whole weekend to recuperate for next week. That means lots of knitting.
In yarn news – Did I have any yarn in the mailbox when I got home from work last night? No. Did I e-mail the person? No. Why? Because I’m not confrontational. I always SAY I’m going to tell this person off and I’m going to say this to this person, but I rarely do. You have to REALLY piss me off before I’ll talk to you about it. I’m a pushover and I know it, but over the past couple of years (since I got pregnant) I quit letting people take advantage of me (as much). If the yarns not in my mailbox today I’ll e-mail the person and tell them I want my dime back for faster shipping. Yeah, it was only a dime but it’s the principal of the thing; don’t offer fast shipping if you’re not going to deliver (pardon the pun).
Ok, I’m done complaining now, thank’s for listening.


Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Skien Of Yarn Gone?

I turned the heel last night on my brown sock and it turned out great. It fits me so well. I had no idea customizing the pattern to fit my foot would be so easy! I’m to the same spot on my brown sock that I am in my purple sock. So you know what I have to do now? Finish my purple sock before I can finish my brown one. Reason being, I’m ‘fitting’ the brown sock based on how the purple one fits. Did ANY of that make sense? I sure hope so. Anyway, today SHOULD be a happy mail day. I ordered the brown skein of yarn and the blue bubbles LAST Friday and I paid extra for 2-3 day shipping. Personally, I think they should have been here yesterday, but I will be a bit more patient. If they don’t come today, I’ll be e-mailin’ someone. I’m a patient person and all, but hello. It’s YARN!!!! It’s projects I could be making ;-).
I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics on my lunch break today. They had the biggest skein of yarn I have ever seen in my life – seriously. It was a type of Boucle, but I’m not sure which. I kinda forgot. Anyway, we’re talking 853 yards, 12 ounces, in the perfect blue-jean blue for only – TADA!!! $7.00! A steal or what? Did I get it? No…because I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it. I have a pretty sizeable stash anyway, with 4 skeins of yarn supposedly in the mail on their way to me. Speaking of stash, mine needs to develop some serious organization skills.
I didn't have dinner with Melissa last night after all. She never called me back. Weird...


How cool is THIS?!

I ran into an old best friend this morning that I haven’t seen in years. I’m so excited. We swapped phone numbers and are planning on having dinner tonight! YAY! Good times, we can get caught up on everything. I haven’t seen her since right after Adam and I got engaged. We’ve been best friends since we were 9, but then we grew up and she went away for college. We kind of lost touch with each other.
No sock news. I picked up my cable scarf and tried to work a little on it. I got about 6 rows done and then I put it down. I worked on my sister’s baby blanket. A. LOT. The baby came this morning and now the pressure’s on to get it done. I think the stress of the blanket (my own fault for putting it off for so long) is weighing me down knitting wise. I just don’t have any motivation right now. I have all these lovely projects to work on, and I just don’t want to. That’s so bad!
Anyway, baby news! She was born around 8:00 this morning, weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces. She was 21 inches long and they named her Kendal (but I’m not sure how they spell it) Grace. I haven’t seen any pictures yet, but I’m sure she’s lovely.



I finished the last 6 rows AND I knitted the heel flap. This flap looks even better than my last one. Which is so cool! That really all knitting wise. Let me just re-state that I love socks! It’s my new obsession.
OH!!! I have to tell you something funny Kaylee did yesterday. If ya’ll don’t know by now, I’m TERRIFIED of spiders. Well, I brought Kaylee home from mom’s, set her down in the kitchen, and then I walked into the bedroom to put away some things. All of a sudden I head a little voice floating from the kitchen saying “Ohh, pretty spy…” (Kaylee calls spiders spys). I TORE into that kitchen and (calmly) asked “Kaylee, do you see a spider?” She nodded. “Where baby? Show mommy the spider.” She then HOLDS.OUT.HER.HAND.AND.OPENS.HER.FIST!!!!!!!! HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I freaked. I suddenly gained courage from who knows where, brushed the spider off, killed it and proceeded to tell her that spiders are BAD!!! ;-) I don’t want her to be scared of them like I am, but I want her to understand that they can hurt her. The only reason I’m so scared of them was a ‘traumatic’ experience with a spider when I was 6. Oh well, can’t change the past. I’m SLOWLY learning to deal with it. But not really ;-).


Hi ;-)

No sock news from yesterday. No news about anything really, but that's just because I've been at work all day. I WILL have news about my beloved socks by tomorrow! I just wanted to drop in and say "HI!"

Happy Socky Sock!

Ok, here’s how head over heels I am for this new yummy sock yarn. I have put my purple sock away (just for a while I PROMISE) and I am only 6 rows away from the heel flap on the new brown sock. I am so in love with this sock. I loved the last one, but I’m really custom knitting this sock just to fit my foot. I’ll write out the pattern when I get through if you’d like, but I have really narrow ankles, so it may not fit you quite right. I can’t WAIT to post pictures.
I think Adam’s getting a little aggravated that I can’t stick to one project at a time. I just can’t help it though. Besides, it’s HIS fault. He’s the one that wanted me to learn how to knit. Seriously! I was perfectly happy crocheting and then he told me to give knitting a try. So yeah, it’s his fault. Really though, I am so bad about starting so many projects at a time. I have a scarf, two pairs of socks and two crochet blankets all in progress right now. I want to start something with the blue bubble yarn I bought on Ebay too, but I’m not sure what. I was thinking a shawl, until I bought:

Click For More Yummy-ness!

This will make a beautiful shawl, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll make a clappy. I loved the one Carrieoke made; it was gorgeous. Normally I don’t much like browns, but this year I’m going hog-wild over them. Maybe it’s going hand-in-hand with my new ‘early to bed’ phase. ;-) Or maybe I’m just REALLY reaching.


I Lied

BIG TIME! I did, oh maybe 4 rows on the sock last night. MAYBE! By the time we got home from On the Boarder and shopping, I was beat. I went to bed at 12:30!!! Hello?!?! When was the last time I went to bed at 12:30 on a Friday night? I was just SO tired! So, no sock progress.
However, this morning I went to Faye’s like I promised (see, I know how to keep at least SOME promises). I was bad. Oh, was I bad! I bought the 2nd skein for my sock like I had intended, but then I saw a BEAUTIFUL skein of sock yarn. I couldn’t resist. It was browns, and reds, and oranges….oh the yumminess, and soooo soft! I bought it. I know! I shouldn’t have, but it was too pretty. In fact, it’s so pretty, I couldn’t come home and pick up my first sock. I started on a new sock with my pretty brown yarn. I’ve actually picked up the circular needles again, and guess what? They worked this time! I’m so happy! I’m not sure how well I actually like them, but I’m just happy I could get it working finally. And it wasn’t that my instructions weren’t as clear as crystal, I was just being stupid. I’ve actually only done 9 rows of the ribbing, but I’m going to call it a night. I’m SOOOO tired! 11:30 PM on a Saturday night and I'm off to bed. What is up with me?



Ok, real fast, how yummy is this stuff? I just bought it on E-bay. They seem to be having REALLY great deals on bulk yarn. I bought two skeins, each 150 yards, for like $5.00 including shipping! I'm happy! I believe I will attempt my first lace shawl with this, depending on how big the actual 'fuzzies' in the yarn are.

Click For More Yummy-ness!

Socky Sock Heel Turn

I turned the heel last night – again. It took 4 tries, but I did it. I was watching TV and not paying very close attention, so I counted wrong several times. Anyway, I went in the bedroom, climbed on my bed and did it. Surprisingly, it looks even better than the last one. As I was picking up stitches along the sides, I picked up a couple extra to avoid a hole. The patter says you may want to pick one more, but I did two. I hope it doesn’t screw me up.
Today is Friday, finally. It’s been a really freakin’ long week. That’s ok though, tonight will be worth it. We’re going to On the Border for dinner tonight (can you say happy hour Margaritas?) and then I will watch a weeks worth of my soaps and knit all night! Yay! I plan on finishing the decreases (the right way) and be well on my way into the foot of the sock by the time I put it down for the night. I would LOVE to finish the sock by Sunday night, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not. I need to go by Faye’s tomorrow and pick up another skein of yarn for the other sock. She told me it would be enough for a pair, but this pair I’m making sits pretty high up on your leg and it uses quite a bit more yarn than your normal pattern probably would. But then again, I’m telling you stuff you probably already know, sorry. This socky sock stuff is just so fun and new I want to tell EVERYONE!!! Even people I know have NO interest in it whatsoever. I’m just glad Adam takes an interest in it or else I’d go crazy.
OOO I want some skittles…Sorry, that was random.


Still, I Didn't Throw It Against The Wall!

Ok, so last night I’m knitting along, all happy, I’m about to finish the decreases and start on the foot. I looked down at my pattern to see how many stitches I was to end up with, and…Uh Oh! I had decreased on every row instead of every other row. No biggie, I’ll take it out. Well, I unraveled and unraveled and unraveled and realized, I wasn’t sure exactly how far to unravel. The more I unraveled, the more confused I became. I ended up pulling all the way out until right before the heel turn. Yay. Still, I didn't throw it against the wall. Honestly, that is something to be proud of. I am ;-)


Sock It To Me!

The heel flap and turn of my beloved sock was anticipated. The beauty of the turn however, was not. Ok, I’m warning you, I PROMISE I’m not gushing or trying to brag, but for my first sock...HELLO?!?!?! I’M REALLY FREAKIN’ PROUD OF MYSELF! Sorry, I’ll quit yelling now. I’ve just got to finish the decreasing and then the foot in stockinet, decrease the toe and I’ll FINALLY be through with the sock. I’ve had a blast with it, but it’s been a little aggravating.
When I get through with this sock, I’ll know more of what I’m doing though, so my next pair should be quite a bit easier. I already have the yarn picked out ;-). It’s a whiteish grayish wool blend and it is so soft and yummy! I think this pair that I am knitting up now is going to come up a tad bit too high on my leg, but that’s ok. See, the neat thing is that now I know what I’m doing, my next pair can be more about what I want them to be like. If I want them to be short, I can make them short. If I want them fitted around my ankle a bit more (and I do) I can do that. Although, knowing how much to decrease and then increase back for the heel will be trial and error. But once I get it just right, I will have the perfect pair of socks. Then my next sock adventure? TOE SOCKS!!! I love them! I’ll have to pretty much create my own pattern though, because I can seem to find one anywhere. It shouldn’t be too hard though. Getting the toes to fit just right may be tricky but once you do, the rest of the pattern is the same as a basic sock. And then there’s a pattern for a half sock, divided at your ‘flip flop’ place on your foot, and only coming about 6 inches back. SO! CUTE! Kudos to the creator of this adorable project! I took pictures! Well, A picture at least. Wanna see?! SO! HAPPY!

TADA! I am a sock (almost).
(Click For Detail)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Here's a shout out to my Dad! It's his birthday today and I wanted to wish him an outstandingly happy birthday! I love you dad!!! MWAH!



Sick Day

I took a sick day from work today. I don’t get paid for it though. The new company that took over the mall doesn’t give us any paid time off during our probationary period (90 days). Personally, I don’t think we should have a probationary period, but no one asked me what I thought. Anyway, I’m using this day to sleep and knit on my sock. I anticipate a heel turn by the end of the day. That probably won’t happen, but I will be very happy if it does! I’ll be even happier if it turns out right! I have my written instructions, but I also have a sock episode of Knitty Gritty taped on my TiVo that is using the exact same heel flap and turn as I am using, so if I get stuck I can follow along with this lady.
I’m not really sure what was wrong with me last night, but I was up sick ALL .NIGHT. LONG! I HATE being sick. Actually, It’s not being sick that I mind so much, it’s the headache’s that come with being sick I hate. What’s great though, it that Excedrin is the BEST headache medicine and now they have a different kind of medicine for each kind of headache. YAY! So I didn’t take off today really for not feeling good, I took off so I can catch up on the sleep that I missed last night. I literally slept, like an hour. But not even a solid hour, 5 or 10 minutes here and there. Yuck! I tried to take a nap a little while ago, but I had a crazy dream. I dreamed I was sleeping, and I woke up to realize Adam was home earlier. The way I knew he was home though wasn’t the fact that I saw him, because actually I didn’t. I saw his shadow and I heard him whistling. And for some reason, I woke up (for real this time) SCARED! I got out of bed and literally walked around the house because I felt that someone was there with me. Although, granted I was still half asleep and once I woke up a little bit more, the feeling went away. Teaches me not to get out of bed too quickly after a dream ;-). So, from waking up too soon, I’m still exhausted and am about to head back to bed for a (hopefully) more restful sleep. Wish me luck!
Oh, Taco Bell sure does sound good. *Grins* Just thought you may like to know that! BTW, speaking of Taco Bell, have you tried their new crunch wrap? SO! GOOD!


But I Didn't Throw It Against The Wall!

Last night was another knit fest. I was already up to row 45 (not including ribbing) of my sock. I turned it right side out (I prefer when knitting in the round, to knit outside in) and was about to show Adam how nice and neat my stitches were, when I noticed a hole. I shrugged and thought, “Oh well, what’s a dropped stitch? I’ll fix that up in a jiffy. Now, where are my crochet hooks?” Only as I looked closer, I noticed it wasn’t only a dropped stitch, but a dropped stitch that had been knitted over ROW.AFTER.ROW. 25 rows I had to take out. In fact, guess how many rows I had done yesterday before finding my mistake? 25!!! Woo-Freakin’-Hoo! I get to rip out everything I have done today. Honestly though, I’m glad I found it before I got any further. And be proud of me, I didn’t throw it against the wall. I tried it on to see how it was looking (minus the hole) ripped it all out, picked up me needles and started over. This was at 10:00 pm last night mind you. I was JUST about to go to bed. But of course, it was on then. I couldn’t go to bed till I had fixed my mistake. Come 10 rows left I could not stay awake anymore. So I went to bed. So close..and yet so far. Today I went home for my lunch break, but with living so far out and, well, actually needing to eat on my break, I had time to knit all of about 3 rows. So I’m 7 away from fixing my screw up. Then I will only have 36 more rounds (ugh) until the heel. Which I’ll probably screw up that too somehow. ;-) I don’t think I’m supposed to knit this sock or something, why else would I be having so much trouble?!  Just kidding! Anyway, if I EVER make progress, I’ll snap a progress picture soon enough. Until then!


Go ME!!! Again!

I did a whole honkin' 20 rows on my sock today! So much for the blanket ;-) I'm really happy about my progress! I’ll be back to where I was prior to ripping the whole thing apart soon. Now, I just hope the heel and turn are pretty easy to work. On the show Knitty Gritty today, they were doing a special sock episode, and the way they were doing the heel is a lot like my pattern, so maybe between the two, I’ll get it fairly easily. I’m just so scared of venturing out too much in fear of putting all that hard work into it and it just looking awful. Like a sock I crochet; the whole thing looked great until I got to the heel and then it looked like a 5 year old had made it. If one more thing goes wrong with this sock, I think I will pick it up and throw it against the wall before continuing ;-). We’ll see.
Well, hurricane Dennis is slowly making its way towards land. I really don’t think we’ll get much from it, which is good for us, but bad for Pensacola. They’re going to get the worst of it, again, poor people. We have stocked up on supplies though, JUST incase. We’re all set. Bring it on!!!
Oh! Here are a couple of pictures I thought you'd get a kick out of!


Go Me!

You will be so proud of me! At least I'm proud of me! I did 14 rows on the sock last night and finished the ribbing!!! YAY! Kaylee went to bed at 7:30 and Adam took a nap right after that. Actually he slept until 12:30!! So I had the whole house to myself and did major knitting. 14 rows of ribbing may not seem like a lot to you guys who have been knitting for a while, but to me...MAN! I felt like I could achieve ANYTHING after that! I set up a Works In Progress page, but right now my sock's the only thing in it. Tee-Hee! I could put the baby blankets in there I guess, but this IS a knitting blog. Speaking of which, I REALLY need to pick those blankets back up. I have 5 weeks until my parents go to visit my sister. She's having the baby next Wednesday. I didn't want to mail it to her though, so I decided I'd just let mom and dad take it to her. So pretty much I need to put that blanket before my sock, as much as that will suck. Not that I don't want my sister to have a blanket, I just love knitting on those socks! :-)
Well, I'm pretty tired from staying up so late last night, so I'm going to go take a nap. :-) Talk to you tomorrow!


Melting Pot Photo Blog

In knitting news, I did a whole TA-DA!!!! two rows on my sock last night for a grand total of four rows!!! Lol after getting home so late from eating and picking Kaylee up, I picked up my sock, knitted one row, went in the bed room to change, and the next thing I knew I was waking up on my bed at 1:30 am! I don’t remember changing, and I don’t remember lying down on the bed. And no, before you even start, I had 3 sips of a drink and that’s it! So I wasn’t drunk...just REALLY tired I guess. Anyway I groggily carried myself into the living room, knit one more row and called it quits for the night. I was so tired and still half asleep so I had a lot of problems with that row. But I think I got it all straightened out. I’ll have to take a good look at it tonight, and if it’s not too screwed up, I shall continue and hopefully make a bit more progress than I did last night. In other news, hurricane Dennis is heading right for the Florida panhandle. Joy. Not that I wish more storm damage to anyone ESPECIALLY Pensacola but I just hope it moves away from us! Only 5 weeks into the hurricane season and already there have been 4 named storms, 1 of which has already brushed us and one of which is a category 4 (expected to become a 5) and is headed right for us. It’s really scary. Being where we are in the state, we don’t get hit by the REALLY rough weather of hurricanes very often, so I don’t worry about getting 100’s of gallons of water and 1,000’s of batteries, but with this storm I may consider it a little bit...ok a lot. I have to admit, hurricanes don’t tend to scare me, but this one’s getting me in a bit of a tizzy.
We’re having a part-timer quit out at customer service. Her last day’s in 4 days and we still have no replacement. In fact, we don’t even have any applications from the new company yet. They seem to really be dragging their feet. They were closing on another mall about the same time they were closing on ours, so they may be busy with that, but still. It seems like if they knew that they were going to be this busy, they wouldn’t have scheduled the closings so close together. Maybe that’s just me. ;-)
Anyway, Melting Pot time! I have LOTS of pictures so if you're tired of hearing about the Melting Pot, here’s your chance to turn back.


Ok, here we go then!


I.Had.So.Much.Fun!!! I got there at about 6:35 and everyone else was already there waiting on me (oops). We stuffed ourselves stupid! We didn't really get any pictures of the food except the main course so here goes (OH! Adam said I can start posting his picture now! YAY!!! Now you can see my darling hubby!):

Adam and I Trying To Decide What To Order

Mom And Dad Ordering
(Sorry The Color's A Little Off)

I Call This Photo "Where Is Dad?"
He's In There, I Swear

My Prettyful Mom

Here is a picture of me drinking something that was...well, not very good! I'll spare you the picture of me making a face ;-)

My Nasty Drink

And Finally:

Me And Adam Standing Outside As We Were Leaving
(See How Much Taller He Is Than Me?)

These pictures just don't capture how much fun we had, but I tried. Maybe this at least makes you wish to seek a fondue restaurant a little bit more now. :-)
Well, now I'm off for the weekend. Hopefully a weekend full of knitting progress! Wish me luck!



That's how I feel right now. Just sort of blech. Or maybe that should be blah! Anywho, tonight’s Melting Pot night! I’m so excited! We’re going to have so much fun! I’m going to drop Kaylee of at Christi’s and then head on over. I doubt I’ll get to mom’s in time to be able to ride with them, so I suppose I’ll just meet them at the restaurant. Doesn’t matter how I get there, as long as I do and the food is good! Ok, I’ve bored you enough with the whole Melting Pot thing, so onto newer and better things.
KNITTING!!!! I cast on for my socks on the circs last night. As I began to join it, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. So using this pattern I learned how to join the round in a very nice neat way. So I’m humming as I knit, minding my own business, and I notice I have cast on 1 too few stitches. I decided not to do an increase since I was still so close to the beginning and I ripped it all out. –K- so I cast on again, joined the round, and knit the first row. STILL had 1 too few stitches. I mean come on, I know how to freakin’ count! So, I muted the T.V., told Adam not to talk to me for a while ;-) and got to work. I cast on for a THIRD time, joined the round, counted my stitches once again (I had the correct number this time) and joined the round. Knitted 2 rows and realized I had twisted my join somehow. After that…lol I picked the dpns back up. Oh well, maybe I’ll give the circs another try later on down the road. I knit two rows on the dpns and called it a night. I know, not a lot of progress but there would have been had I not screwed up so many times! Oh! After I swatched with the size 1 dpns (keep in mind that I WAS working on 2’s) I looked at it and about fell over. It REALLY looks like a sock!!! I thought the size 2 swatch was beautiful, but the size 1 swatch puts the size 2 to shame. Adam really liked it too. I know, all of you who have knit tons of pairs are probably laughing at me right now, but to me this is GREAT! I’m totally stoked (ok, how long has it been since I’ve used that word?) and really excited to see further progress on the sock. No pictures though, because to you they would look JUST like the cast on and first two rows of the last sock attempt. If you REALLY want one let me know, otherwise I’ll post one later.
Ok one more time for the road: MELTING POT!!!!!


Happy Hump Day!

Guess what happened last night? I went to the bookstore to look for a book on spinning and I ran into this lady who was hosting a knitting group there! She spins too and was giving me all kinds of tips on what kind of wheels and things to get for beginner spinners. I have decided that I am going to get an Ashford Traditional. It’s a beautiful wheel and seems like it will fit me perfectly. It’s not quite as fairytale as the Elizabeth II but the Elizabeth is a double drive and the lady I met said double drives are harder to learn on. Anyway, I’m really excited. Now I just have to decide what kind of accessories I need with it. Have I mentioned that I have the greatest parents in the world BTW? This is my birthday present from them. Is that not the coolest? And if I didn’t already say this, I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!! Adam bought me the Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll. I collect the Collector’s Edition Barbie Dolls and we both LOVE the Hard Rock Café so the two were a good combo!
So anyway, as I was knitting on my sock Sunday night (10 rows from the heel, mind you), I noticed that it was just too big. I went a little big on purpose, but this was going to be a freakin’ huge sock! So…..yeah. I ripped it. All of it. Every bit of it. All of every bit of it. As I looked at the unwound pile of yarn of what used to be my sock, I almost cried. I mean, that was my very first sock. Part of me wishes I had kept it, that way I could say “This is my very first sock!” I guess now I’ll just have to say “This is my very first finished sock!” Really though that’s ok. The more experiences and practice the better. So anyway yesterday I bought some smaller dpns and I also got two pairs of circulars. I want to try the sock on circs this time, but I’ve never used circs before. I wonder if it’s really hard? If I have too much trouble, I can always go back to the dpns. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some pics of socks on circs! :-)
We’re going to the Melting Pot for dinner tomorrow night! Me, Adam, mom and dad. Christi’s watching Kaylee for us so we can take our time and have fun. I’m so excited. It’s for mine and my mom’s birthday. We’re not skimping either, we’re having the appetizers, bread and two cheeses, then the main course will be lobster, steak, chicken, shrimp, scallops, ravioli, vegetables and something else I can’t remember, the dessert will be chocolate with fruit, cheese cake, pound cake, brownies, Oreo covered marshmallows, peanut covered marshmallows and graham crackers. YUM-O! And they will keep bringing you food as long as you have chocolate! Seriously guys, if you have a Melting Pot or some kind of fondue restaurant, you gotta go! You don’t know what you’re missing. I had never gone before, and since I went my first time in March, tomorrow night will be my 3rd time. It is that good!
Ok, well this is enough for today! See ya soon!


Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! I am 22 today! And I have to work. This is the first year I've ever had to do anything on my birthday. I've always taken it off from work or school. And let me tell you, people who say that working on your Birthday is no different, LIED! Working on your birthday sucks. I can't really talk about why it sucks though. It's mostly work related issues, and well, you know. Oh, look at this pic of my angel! Isn't she sweet (Ignore me)?

Mommy and Boogie

We are using the term "Boogie" as a term of endearment. It all started when she was born. She spit up all over a new clean shirt and I looked at her, smiled at her and called her a booger. From then on, every time she spit up on me she was 'Mommy's little booger" but that sounded gross, so it became Boogie. The name kind of stuck, and now she's our Boogie. :-) Maybe that was more information than you really wanted to know. ;-)


Happy 229th Birthday, America!

YAY! Another year celebrated of our independence! We didn't shoot any fireworks, nor did we even see any but we still had a grand old time. Kaylee did NOT want to get out of that pool. We bought her a little float and she had SO much fun in it. We could tell she was getting a little tired of sitting in it though, so we took her out and held her in the water for a little while. After that, she did not want back in it! We let her stay in the pool until she was about to fall asleep from swimming so much, poor little thing. Anyway, just like I had hoped for, we grilled out for lunch. I wish I had snapped some pictures, but my camera’s not water proof, and I didn’t want to get it near the pool. I believe mom snapped some though, so maybe I’ll get some from her. Here’s a picture I did snap:


This is a picture of Kaylee right before heading over to mom and dad’s. Normally she’s a camera ham, but not this day! She did NOT want her picture taken, so this was the best I could do!
After swimming and eating until we could no longer do so (either from the rain or our stomachs having a holding limit) we put Kaylee down for a nap, dad and Adam went to the store and I showed mom my new love: SPINNING!!! Here is a picture of some yummy stuff I’ve spun up:


I’m really having a great time with it. If you’re looking for a new craft and have (a little) money to throw around, why don’t you pick up spinning? It’s a little frustrating at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. It’s a little addicting, and definitely much more rewarding than buying pre-spun yarn. Anyway, that’s all for now! Happy knitting, crocheting, sewing or spinning!


Oh, Scary Days!

I had something really scary happen – I took a dosage of medicine in 6 hours that is supposed to be broken up over a period of 48 hours!!! This is what happened: Friday night I woke up at like
4:00 am (ok technically it was Saturday morning) with a torn up stomach (TMI!!!! Sorry) and a killer headache. I moseyed into the bathroom, still half asleep mind you, popped two Excedrin and went back to bed. You can take Excedrin every 4-6 hours, so the next morning at about 10:00 or 11:00 am I popped two more. No sooner than those two pills slid down my throat, I noticed I wasn’t holding my Excedrin. I was holding my Excedrin MIGRAINE medicine, which you’re only supposed to take every 24 hours! I didn’t see my regular Excedrin anywhere which had to have meant that I had taken it the night before too! I was really scared, and I didn’t know what was going to happen. And I was scared to tell Adam, so I kept it to myself and went on about my business. Nothing happened luckily. I finally told him about it and he started freaking out, yelling: “You should have told me!!!! You should have called the poison control center!!!!!” From now on, I will try to wake myself up a little bit more when the situation is in regards to medicine. Wow, scary!
Anyway, we ended up not going out to eat with my parents last night. We had decided to just go out tonight, but now mom's sick so we're not doing that either. That's ok though because we'll be with them all day tomorrow for the 4th. I can't wait! I love summer holidays because it normally consists of grilling and swimming, and I really love both! :-)


Saturday's Are Great Fun!

I love Saturdays! The beginning of two whole days off from work. Well, 3 this weekend because Monday is July 4! The following day is my birthday but I'm not able to take that off. Oh well! Anyway, Karen left today :-( but we've had a good time since she's been here. Last night we went to Bealls to do a little shopping. (By the way, if ya’ll have a Bealls in your town you gotta go! They are always having terrific sales!) I got about 5 new pairs of pants and around 7 new tops for only $125.00!!! And they’re really cute too, not that ‘sale’ looking stuff. And you know what ‘sale’ looking stuff is, the old picked over stuff that nobody else wanted. Oh, and then we had Sonny’s for dinner – YUM!!!! Corn nuggets! Karen told me that I’m going to turn into a corn nugget!
Oh, my parent's wine chiller came in yesterday too. I hope they like it! It looks a lot nicer in person than it did in the picture, although most things tend to. I almost want one myself, but I don’t drink that much wine. I’d rather load up on the Margaritas.!
Other than that, not a whole lot’s happened around here. Adam had to go help my dad stake up a tree that some drunk driver had plowed down in my parent’s yard. I hate when people don’t fess up for the things they do, and then the owner has to fix it at their expense. Bugs me...
Well, I need to go get ready. We're going out to dinner with my parents tonight. I'm SO tempted to give them their present tonight, but I will wait until the 4th! Oh, the excitment is too much!!
OH! Before I forget, I have a couple of pictures to show you. And finally, one of the pictures will be of Karen! Well, that’s all for now! Until tomorrow!

The long awaited 'Karen' picture

My Kaylee-Girl
(Don't you just wanna eat her up?)


Happy Hangover Friday!

We all had so much fun at dinner last night, and we all got a little buzzed. Well, at least Doni and I did, although she can have a sip of something and her cheeks will flush. I had a Margarita, a Chocolate Espresso Martini and a Cosmopolitan. Most of that was BEFORE dinner too… Hee Hee! Needless to say, I have quite a headache this morning. Lucky for Doni, she’s part time and has a great boss that lets her come in whenever she wants, as long as she gets in all her hours by the end of the week. Me, I have to be here at 8:00 am sharp. Let’s shout an excited “YAY” for Excedrin! I’m sure my system will be fully loaded with that stuff by the end of the day.  Really though, the night was sad. It’s sad saying goodbye to people you’ve known for several years. Especially if that ‘people’ would do just about anything for you at any given time. Man, I’m having trouble typing this morning…..
David (my GM) just asked me if I would give out the paychecks. Sure, let’s start with me. Carrie…HERE!! Sorry, I’m still a little goofy from last night.
In knitting news, well actually there isn’t too much to write about. I haven’t been able to do much with Karen being here because we’ve been out every night after work, and by the time we get home it’s time to go to bed. Although, granted last night WAS my fault. But seriously, who turns down a free meal and drinks (of anything you want, might I add – No limit)? Anyway, we are probably going out tonight too. It’s Karen’s last night here, and she will want to make the best of it. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in as late as I can, then I will straighten the house, and THEN I will knit some more on the socks. There have been no changes to the sock since the last picture taken, sad. But if all goes well, I will have all weekend (a 3 day weekend for the 4th of July at that!) to knit and maybe I will be able to begin the second sock. I will take some very wise advice I’ve heard and cast on for the second sock RIGHT AWAY or else I may never do it. I really like my dpns, but I’m thinking of trying my next pair on circs. I’m just not sure if I want to try it on 2 circs from the beginning, or start it on one and transfer it to two when I get to the heal flap. I may just start on one because I have so much trouble with ‘ladder’ joining. Or maybe no ladders comes with more experience. I read somewhere that you can cast on an additional stitch and then knit the last two together for a less ladder, but I don’t really understand how that would help. Maybe I’ll at least give it a shot. Well, I have no pictures for you, but maybe by the end of the day I will…you never know what Friday night shopping will bring you.