At Least Tomorrow's Friday

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. It seemed like a REALLY long week yesterday and it was only Wednesday. Today is going to be a really long day too because we have a property visit. Well, sort of. The OLD company is coming down, but they don’t really count since they don’t own the mall anymore. We still need to place our best foot forward though. Anyway, the main reason they are even coming to town is because they want to take out the entire staff to Bonefish Grill tonight for dinner to say “Thank you for all your hard work” and the “We’ll miss you” crap. Bonefish is a seafood restaurant. In fact, it may be the nicest seafood restaurant in town. And for me not to be much of a martini person, their Chocolate Espresso Martini is TO. DIE. FOR!
Karen took us to Red Lobster for dinner last night (yeah, seafood two nights in a row. I just thought of that. However they’re so different maybe it won’t matter. Not that I really had a choice in either place). I had their shrimp pasta witch is also to.die.for. and I also had a Lobsteria. It’s Red Lobster’s version of a Margarita, only this thing is SUPER HUGE and REALLY good! Seriously this drink was 24 ounces. The diameter of the rim of the glass was probably a good 6’ or so. I tried to drink it all, but even after drinking on it for an hour, you couldn’t even tell I had placed a dent in it. Then as everyone was leaving, I picked up the glass and chugged it. I probably ended up drinking 2/3 of it in the end. I drank it too fast and I knew I was as I was doing it, but like I said everyone was leaving and I couldn’t waste a perfectly good Margarita. Anyway, when people drink cold things too fast, they usually end up with a brain freeze. And usually, I do too. EXCEPT when I’m drinking Margaritas. When I drink Margaritas, the ‘cold’ sweeps right past my brain (not that it actually makes contact with my brain in a physical way) and sticks to the bones in my chest and back AND I HURT!!!! Is that very normal? Does anyone else experience this feeling, or am I just crazy? Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if it turned out to just be me.
Well, I FINALLY took a picture of Karen last night, but I forgot to sent it to myself at work, so I’ll post it tomorrow if I get a chance.


Wow, Am I Tired!

We stayed out until 12:30 last night! Karen wanted to go to a catfish place that she had eaten at once upon a time, but couldn't remember exactly where it was. By the time we actually found the place, we had been driving for 1 1/2 hours. And what did we find once we got there? The they're only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Last night was a Tuesday. SO back in the car we got and headed to town. We were going to go to the Catfish Pad, (another catfish place, only this one's actually in town) so I called to make sure they were open (see how smart I am? Don't gotta tell me twice). They closed in 30 minutes. NOT enough time to get us there and fed. So, being headed to Wal* Mart eventually, we stopped at Chilies and ate which is about 3 minutes down the road from Wal* Mart. I had a Margarita Martini, one of my newly discovered favorite drinks. YUM!!! We left the restaurant about 9:45 pm and headed over to Wally World. We didn't leave there until 12:30 and got home around 12:45. Having to be at work by 8:00 am this morning, I went straight to bed needless to say. I'm feeling it pretty bad as well. Oh well!
Still no knitting pictures. I just haven't had time to knit much since Karen's been here. If I don't get time soon I may start going through withdrawals. See, I'm the type of person who will either go crazy or loose interest all together if I skip something I enjoy for several days. I'd rather go crazy with withdrawals than loose interest.
OH!!! I finally got my drop spindle and some yummy fibers in the mail yesterday! I haven't really tried it out yet, but here is a picture for you to at least look at! Click on it for more detail! I will post pictures as soon as I have actually made something ;-)

Anyway, that's all for now! Today's going to be looooooooong..........
OH! Two quick pictures of my clean desk!! YAY!




I Hate Tuesdays

Tuesdays are boring. They are only slightly better than a Monday, in my opinion. I really have nothing to write about. Not much has happened since yesterday’s entry. I just wanted to take a minute and say "Hi" and that I promise I haven't forgotten about you! Short and Sweet!


Pretzel Time!

I made pretzels last night. It was a lot of fun to get back in the kitchen and mess around with them again. Ok, wait a sec. Before I get ahead of myself here, I didn't actually MAKE the pretzels. I make "Chocolate Covered and Smothered in Candy" pretzels. People have told me several times to sell them, but they’re too complicated to sell. If I had big machines making them for me, then SURE! I’ve tried all candy, and even some crunched up candy bars. My current favorites are my M&M pretzel and my Smores pretzels. I used crunched up pre-made smore sandwiches, and they are GOOD if I do say so myself. Here are a few pictures to feast your eyes on (sorry, a couple of them are blurry. If I make a business out of pretzels, I will HAVE to get a better camera.):

They’re a lot of fun to make, but if one thing goes wrong, they won’t work at all. My chocolate began separating, and then the topping didn’t stick. THEN when I was melting chocolate in my squeeze bottle for the top drizzles (like I ALWAYS do, I didn’t do one thing differently) the bottle started melting. AHHHH!!!! However, in spite of everything, they still turned out just as tasty as ever. I LOOOOVE me some chocolate covered pretzels. Other than that I didn’t end up doing much else last night and not a lot’s happened around here at work either. I know, I’m so boring. BUT I plan on doing lots of knitting tonight, so I will have lots to talk about tomorrow! YAY knitting!


Lazy Bum Day

Today was a lazy bum day. Karen's back in town for the week, so we didn't really do too much today. Well, physically anyway. I knitted my little fingers off with my sock. Wanna see a picture?


This is halfway through the top ribbing. I HATE ribbing on these dpns though. It is really hard. Maybe it will be easier on my next sock. And YES, there will be a second sock. Anyway, here is a side view and sort of top view of the sock after all the ribbing. And yes, I did all 18 rows of this today which is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I REALLY want to start on the stockinet stitch around the ankle now but I'm too tired. Also, the pattern's starting to confuse me. It says to work the ankle in stockinet stitch, but how do you do that in the round? Normally you knit a row and purl a row because you're constantly turning your work, but you don't turn your piece on the round. Do you just knit every row and with it being in the round it will end up being stockinet? Maybe I'll try that. Anyway, more pictures right before I knit the heel flap and turn it. That may not be for a while though, with the way I'm going ;-).
OH! And JUST because I think it’s so funny, here is what I look like at dinner time when I’m soooo hungry I could eat my own arm:

Hee Hee!

Wow, Talk About Hard...

K, I knew that knitting a sock on te-niny needles would be hard, but HEL-LO?! I've been knitting for an hour and this is all I have to accomplish for it:
Hello, I am a slooooow project

And this is what I look like after an hour of knitting with no more than this to show for it:

Sad, huh? Seriously though, I'm having fun with it. I think it will get easier though. My gauge is a little bit off but the are the only double pointed needles I have (I just bought them tonight). So I'm going to try to make it work. If not, oh well! I will have the experience and then I'll do it right. I hope they come out though. I will happily take pictures when I am finished. And probably 20 times before just because I'm proud of any progress I will have made. I *heart* the yarn though! It's Sockotta wool and it's a purpley blueish black and white variegated type thing. YUMMY! It's not the softest of yarns but I think it will be fun anyway.
Oh! here are a couple more pictures of Kaylee. My sweet girl turned 18 months old day before yesterday! GO KAYLEE!!!
Someone Give Me A Boost

I Made It Up Here! Can You Believe It?!?

My drop spindle should be here any day now. Well, maybe. The lady I ordered it from said "please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. tomorrow it will be 2 weeks. Maybe it will be here this coming week. I hope so! I would love you buy some 100% wool fibers, spin them, hand dye them and make socks out of those! YUM-O! Oh, and tee-hee I didn't actually finish my scarf yet. I KNOW I KNOW I said I wouldn't start another project until I finished my scarf, but I just have one more skein of the scarf yarn left and besides I REALLY wanted to try a pair of socks. There have been a few things I have been dying to try my whole life, and knitting a pair of socks is one of them, so YAY for me! I just hope they come out half-way decent.
Well, I'm rambling and I know it but it's late. So I am off to knit on my socks.....I mean I'm off to bed. Uhhh.. yeah!


Uh, Don't Think So

Ok, so this company wanted me to come in and fill out an application. So I did. Used my one and only Friday off to do this, mind you. So anyway, I filled out the application (which was like a book) and then they're like "Well, now we're going to take some tests." We? Don't you mean me? I had to take a typing test, math test, spelling test, calculator test, grammar test, a test that was a mix of all of the above, and something else. They didn't even offer me an interview yet at this point. So here we are, 4:30 asking me if I can come back in the morning for an interview. IN THE MORNING!!! A Saturday morning? I'm freakin’ here now people and I've been here 4 hours. Shouldn't I be on the clock or something, I already feel like I work for you people. I was actually going to come in, but the more and more I thought about it, the less and less I liked the offer. So anyway I just got home and decided to call them back and cancel the interview. It's just not worth it. Plus they are going to pay me much less than I thought was being offered. In fact, I'd be taking a pay cut. That's certainly not a good thing. So I'm stuck at the mall for a bit longer....Oh well, I’ll live. It sucks, but I'll live.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday. Her present isn't here yet which REALLY sucks. I hate hate hate giving late birthday presents. Granted I could have ordered it earlier but:
1. I couldn't find exactly the RIGHT one
2. MOST presents don't take 10-15 business days to arrive. Gawsh!
This is what I got her:
Wine chillers are so Cool!!

It's a digital wine chiller. My parents have recently discovered that they like wine, but always seem to get stuck on a new unopened room temperature bottle of wine. So here ya go! Actually, it's for my mom AND my dad since their birthday's are so close together. Well, kinda. Dad's is July 13th. Anyway, hopefully they will love it!
SO! Before I forget! Pictures of my almost (kinda) finished scarf:

I simply love this scarf. I hope the edges will un-roll once I block it. I heard that the only way to keep a piece of stockinet stitch from rolling is to do a row of pearling along the edges. Is that really the only way? I hope not. So anyway, I have one more skein of yarn before I am finished with my scarf. I *heart* the tassels, but Adam says the middle one needs to either match the two on the end, or I need to mix them all up so they each have a strand of each color. What do you think I should do? If I really set my mind to it, I should be able to finish the scarf by the weekend. Then I can go buy my supplies for my sock. Yeah, I know I said I was going to knit the pants next, but I *clears throat* need to loose a couple of inches before I can fit into the pattern's largest size. Crazy! So socks will be my next project. And then of course, I have those two crochet baby blankets hanging over my head. I'm just having so much more fun knitting than I do crocheting that I don't want to stop. I wish I could bring my knitting to work with me. That would be so awesome! I would get so much done!
And here are pictures of my messy desk at work:

Don't look, I'm messy!!!

Clean me, PLEASE?!?!?!

It's pretty messy right now, but I'll get around to cleaning it one of these days.


I'm Such A Liar

I didn't snap a photo of us at dinner last night (although we DID have Sonny's and I DID have corn nuggets. Note to self: NEVER try the 'recommended' powdered sugar on a corn nugget ever again!)I didn't snap a photo of my scarf progress. I didn't snap any pictures of anything at all!! I hope you don't hate me. Tonight I plan on finishing the second skein of yarn on my scarf so there will be a picture if that happens. Unfortunately, I can't get a picture of Karen for a few days, because she's driven up to Florala Alabama to visit with some friends for a few days. She will be back Sunday and then she will be staying with us all next week. Plenty of picture time, right?
Meanwhile, me being he ditz that I am, forgot to post a picture that I DID have! I snapped a picture of my desk at work (sentimental reasons before the new ownership takes over) and thought you may like to see. Not being able to import pictures to the web at work, I e-mailed myself the picture and decided to post it last night after I went home. Then smart me forgot to post it. Hee Hee, oops. I will make myself a note and do it tonight along with my scarf picture! YAY!!!
Ok, where is Doni? :-) She is bringing lunch for us and she should have been back like hours ago. Ok that's so not true. She's only been gone for 20 minutes AND she did have to go by the University. I work in Tallahassee so even in the summer time, the general area of FSU and FAMU is PACKED!!!! I never drive on that side of town if I can help it. Especially since my almost-wreck. There was this guy riding my tale and I was nervous because I was afraid he would hit me. Well, sure enough I had to stop short, he had to pull into the turning lane to my left to avoid hitting me (and we're not talking a tappity-tap-tap, we're talking cars would be totaled - Dude! he was FLYING!!!)but he over shot it and pulled right into 3 (count 'em - 3) lanes of oncoming traffic. I didn't actually SEE the accident, but I heard it and as I looked I could easily see what had happened. The roads are SO busy (and this was when school was still in AND it was lunch time so imagine the traffic)and almost bumper to bumper traffic, so there was this guy and about 15 or so cars(SO not exaggerating)from the other direction involved in the accident. It was MAJOR bad. That's why I avoid that area. Yeah....
Doni's back!!! YAY LUNCH!!!


She's Here!

Karen showed up yesterday evening around 6:30. We've had a lot of fun so far. I think we will be going out to eat tonight at Sonny’s. YUM! Corn Nuggets, here I come!
In knitting news, I’m almost finished with the second skein of my scarf. Only one more to go! This shouldn't be taking as long as it is...! I hope I have enough yarn because I was planning on adding tassels to both ends. The yarn store here in town (we only have one actual YARN store, and then there’s Michael’s and stores like that) doesn’t always keep the same yarn in stock, so if you want to knit something it’s best to buy as much yarn as you will need all at once. I think I saw some of the scarf yarn in her store the other day though when I was in there buying bobbins. I bought some yarn bobbins so I can start playing around with multi-color knitting and then I won’t have to drag several skeins around with me. I tried that, but they get twisted up too easily. Am I rambling? Sorry! I’m just feeling a little tense. I was sick last night and went to bed without knitting AT ALL and now I’m having withdrawals. ;-) I went to bed at like 10:30. How long has it been since I've gone to bed that early?! I woke up feeling great though so I may have to start doing it more often.
Sorry I don't have any family pictures like I said I would. I'll try to get some tonight at the restaurant maybe, or even just at home. I'll also take a picture of the added inches on my scarf, but looking at it you'll think "Wow Carrie, that's looks JUST like the last picture you showed us." Uh...oops!


Short & Sweet

Karen should be here any time now. I'm really excited! I love when she comes for visits. It always makes my days go by fast at work. Maybe after she gets here I'll take some pictures to show you, although you can guarantee that you will not find any pictures of Adam because he doesn't like his face plastered all over the internet. He’s a little paranoid about that so I try to respect his wishes.
Ok, pphheeww this is me breathing and trying to let something go. I am NOT going to have a day here at work again. Although working with certain people, it’s kind of hard not to have a day. I won’t bore you with work details though.


Yay! Karen is coming tomorrow and my house is CLEAN!!! I'm posting pictures now because chances are, it won't be this clean until she comes for her next visit. Just kidding! Granted, I'm not the neatest of people, but I'm definitely getting better! So! On to the pictures!

Cook In Me! You Have Room Now!

Honey! I Found The Carpet!

My Clean Dresser!

So anyway I'm really proud of myself. I've worked so hard on getting the house cleaned up this week. Although I'll have to keep it tidy the whole time she's here and that may be a chore, but I will try my hardest.
Ok, now that I am about to fall asleep at my computer desk, I think I will go to bed!


Fun Mail Day!!!

We're Yummy!

I'm having a fun mail day! I received all my spinning fibers in the mail today. It was the box of all the colored balls, but not the drop spindle. That won't come for another week or so. So I will still have to wait a while until I can actually begin spinning. They were so much fun to look at though. The Burgundy one is like silk and the grey one is like mohair. There are 12 balls in all, they are all beautiful and I can't wait to 'play' with them! Yay fibers!

My Hand For Size Comparison

Oh, Kaylee was about to die to have her picture taken (ham) so here she is.

I'm so cute!
(Ignore The Laundry)

Stand Still? What?!

Sorry she's not really centered, but she doesn't understand the 'Stand Still' concept. Isn't she cute?! She will be 18 months old on the 23rd. She's my girl!
I'm making quite a bit of progress on my scarf today! I've done about 18 rows so far and I really haven't worked on it that long. I've still been cleaning a lot today to get ready for Karen to come up on Monday. Hopefully that will go well! Back to cleaning! I just wanted to take a break to show you these fun pics!

Nighty-Night Scarf!

My Scarf!

So anyway, it was REALLY late when I took this picture so that's why I look a little zombie-ish but at least you get the picture - literally! HAHA! As you can see, it's getting a bit of length to it and it shouldn't take MUCH longer to get finished with it but I've put it on hold for a little while and have been 'playing' with new techniques recently. I've had a lot of fun. For instance, I'm learning how to knit with multiple colors. I've got a 6 color sample I'm working on. The needles are a little big and the picture didn't come out quite like I had hoped it would, but we'll see. I've already done half of it tonight, but I just couldn't bring myself to fight with that yarn anymore! So maybe more tomorrow! Oh! I got my "No Sweat Pants" pattern from Interweave Knits today! I'm a happy girl! I won't start on them until I am THROUGH with at least my scarf thougth. Will Power - AHH!!!Anyway, I'm off to bed. Night!


Fruit Buzz

WARNING: I am so TOTALLY about to advertise
for McDonald's, so if you don't like them then now's
the time to turn away. You have been warned!

McDonald's was SO not kidding when they said you would get a fruit buzz from their Fruit & Walnut Salad™. I had one about a month ago now and I've been craving one ever since. I couldn't have one because of the diet I'm currently on (South Beach) and you're not supposed to have any fruit during the first phase of that diet. I'm not on that phase anymore so baby, you'd better believe I got me one for breakfast this morning and OOOOO was it good! I'm all 'hung over' now. After you eat one, eating another one is all you can think about. :-) Or that's all I can think about anyway. Maybe I'm just extra hungry this morning. I bought another one for my afternoon snack. :-)
Anyway in knitting news, I knitted quite a bit on my scarf last night. A couple more rows and it will be long enough to wrap around my neck. Maybe I'll get Adam to take a pic of me tonight and you can see. Hopefully the "No Sweat Pants" pattern I ordered from Interweave Knits will be here in the mail today. That would be awesome. Really I don't need to start another project though. I've got the two blankets I'm working on, the scarf, the 'log cabin blanket' but that really doesn't count as a project because I'm just practicing with it, and that stupid sweater I've been crocheting on for 2 years. Yes, that's right, two years. Really freaking long story, but chances are I will never finish it. Oh well.
So hopefully scarf pictures tonight!
Happy Fruit Buzz!

Not Feeling Creative

Sorry, I couldn't think of a creative title for my post. And sorry again, I don't have any more pictures to show you of my scarf. I've been working on it and it's getting a little bit longer and longer but no dramatic difference to take a picture with. Anyway, Adam's mom is coming up for 2 weeks this Monday and I've been really busy cleaning the house. So until I get that all cleaned up and ready for her I may not have a lot of knitting/picture time. Sorry, but I PROMISE I will take pictures as soon as I have something to take pictures of. :-)
I went to The Melting Pot with some friends tonight for dinner. Well sort of. See, The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant and normally you do bread and cheeses, main course and then dessert. Yes we did go there for dinner, but we skipped the main course. It was good times though. I had fun although I stuffed myself stupid.
Anyway I need to go fold my laundry! See ya!


I'm BACK!!!

OOO Guess what I just did? I just ordered a pattern for some knitted pants from Interweave Knits I had to pay $4.00 for it and I’m not even getting the entire magazine, but oh well. I WOULD be getting the whole magazine but apparently everyone wanted to learn how to knit pants and the magazine is sold out. Oh well, at least I can still get the pattern. $4.00 or no $4.00 I want to knit me some pants! Yay pants! Oh it’s lunch time! Yay lunch!
Ok REALLY bye this time, I just thought that was cool.

Tired Tuesday Blues

Ok, how pathetic is this?! I’m ‘hiding’ in my computer. The new owners are visiting the mall today so I can’t sit in front of my computer posting on my blog like I normally would. Hmm, how can I get around this? I KNOW! I’ll type up my entry in Microsoft Word and then it will LOOK like I’m working. They will only find out I’m not working if they decide to come up behind me and read over my shoulder. Then when I get finished typing to my hearts content, I will post it onto my blog! Yay Microsoft Word! Yay having too much time on my hands. Yay bored! I would love to do a little picture posting on a new knitting project I started last night, but at work we’re not allowed to download anything to our computer, so I can’t download the soft wear to let me post pictures. Well, that was a run on sentence if I ever did see one. Sorry about that! So anyway, I guess the pictures will have to wait until tonight (or possibly tomorrow night depending on how busy I am tonight.)
I have not slept well for the past two nights. Sunday night, I woke up at 4:00 and after that I couldn’t get comfortable, or I had crazy dreams. Something kept me up. Anyway last night I went to bed totally relaxed (or so I thought) determined I wouldn’t think about anything but sleep. I swear I blinked and it was morning already. I feel like I had NO sleep at all, but I also can’t remember waking up any. Anyone else have those problems?
Well, I never know when ‘they’ are going to walk around the corner so I’m going to go ahead and go for now.
Everyone take care!


Monday Blues

I definitely know someone who has the Monday Blues and would much rather be at home knitting. :-) Yeah, that someone would definitely be me. I'm itching to get to work on my scarf. I took a look last night before I went to bed and noticed how much I've been working on it. I'm really zooming through it. I started on the second skein last night and quite a ways into it already. :-)
Oh, well that's great. I'm sitting here tying away on my blog, in my flip flops and guess who walks through the door? Why the specialty leasing agent of the group that's buying the mall. Don't I look professional? I guess I had better wrap this up then.

Sunday Night, Already!

Wasn't it JUST Friday night? Weren't we JUST getting home from work, ready to fully enjoy the weekend that lay ahead of us? And now I have to be back to work 9 Hours and 45 minutes from now. It's sad how much I live from weekend to weekend. I don't think it would be quite like that if I liked my boss. My boss and I do NOT get along. She thinks I'm completely incompetent and then questions why I have a low self esteem. My other boss, whom I love to death, is quitting right after the sale. Yeah, the company I work for is being sold at the end of this month and now he wont be around to back me up over the boss I hate. -K-, hate is a really strong word. So I don't hate her. However, if she looses her job during the buy out, I won't be sad. I could very well lose my job too. That would really suck, but you know the phrase "A silver lining to ever cloud?" Well, my silver lining would be that I wouldn't have to work with her anymore.
In knitting news, I did a few rows on my scarf today, but had to end up ripping it all out because I messed up and didn't catch it. SUCKS! I'm caught back up now. I REALLY want to start on a 'bottom up' sweater I found a pattern for. The no sweat pants too. I just have to finish the scarf before I start the others or I may never finish it. Oh well!
Until tomorrow!


On My Way!

I didn't remember if I said it last night or not, but I really would love to get into spinning and dying yarns too. Anyway, I've been pondering a couple of 'buys' on e-bay the past couple of days, and tonight I decided to go for them. I bought a drop spindle with two different colors of spinning fibers

Drop Spindle.jpg
Drop Spindle

(they may or may not be the colors pictured) and I also bought a box of 12 different colors to spin.

Spinning Fibers.jpg
Spinning Fibers

Hopefully I'll actually like spinning, ;-).
Not much really happened today. I knitted a little on the scarf but that was it. We went over to mom and dad's tonight and went out to eat but other than that I've been a lazy bum all day! Hurray for lazy bums! As soon as I get through on here though, I plan on knitting on my scarf a bit more. I'm almost finished with the first of 3 skeins. I hope it will be long enough.
Until tomorrow!


About Me & Maybe A Little Bit More!

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carrie, I live in Florida, I'm 21 years old, I'm married and have a wonderful little baby. Actually, I shouldn't say that. She's almost 18 months old. She's potty training too, she's really growing up. I'm ready for another one ;-). Her name is Kaylee and she is really rambunctious but she's hundreds of handfuls of fun. My husband Adam and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We went down south to Orlando and 'played' at the theme parks. It was good to get away from responsibilities for a while. Work's been a little stressful recently. I'm the marketing assistant for the mall in our town. Well, one of the malls at least. I really like it, but I think my boss is out to get me so she makes it pretty difficult. Anyway, enough about her. A little bit more about me. I love crocheting and recently I've picked up knitting which I think I'm beginning to like a little bit more than crocheting. I also like working on a bit of needle point from time to time and would eventually love to learn how to quilt. I scrapbook BIG time, although not nearly as much as I used to. Mostly because I moved out of my parents house when I got married and gave up the luxurious scrapbook room in the house. So needless to say, I just don't have as much space anymore. Also, I don't have as much money either. Actually, any extra money I come across, tends to be placed on a new skein of yarn or something like that. :-) So, now picture time! THIS is a picture of a scarf I'm currently working on. THIS is a picture of it's detail. I made up the pattern, I think. It's also my first project since I've learned to knit. Well, I take that back. I started on a hat, but I will probably never finish it. I don't really have a reason, I just may not. It's in the color green, and that was the only color I had at the time. I don't really love the color, so...... Anyway, THIS is a picture of a baby blanket I am crocheting for my sister. She is having a little girl in July. She has two other children, but I didn't know how to crochet or knit, so they didn't get one. Maybe eventually, I will go back and make them one. THIS is a picture of the baby blanket I am making for a girl I work with and THIS is the detail (though it's a little blurry, sorry). She is having a girl in October and this IS her first. She's always seeing me make blankets for so many other people (some practically strangers because I love making them so much) so I know she will like this one. Really that's all I'm working on right now. I would like to eventually knit some socks, and I would like to knit a sweater but that's further down the road. :-) Oh, THIS is a mile-a-minute blanket I crochet, and THIS is a detailed pic. :-) I will warn you though, this blog is called 'knitting' but chances are I will post a little about crocheting too. So if you HATE crocheting, turn away now while you still can! :-) I guess that's it for now. Until next time!