Ok, So Maybe They Don’t Suck!

I got everything straightened out this morning. Turns out, when you add a form of payment (such as I was doing the other day) the bank automatically holds that money. Once you hit “Complete Transaction” (which I was not doing) the fund actually LEAVE the bank. So even though the funds were still in the bank, they were locked so we couldn’t use them.

ANYWAY everything’s fine now, but I can tell you – I will NOT use my debit card for practicing anymore!!!

Mall Gift Cards Suck!

So, a few days ago, I was testing out the gift card software and getting myself as familiarized as possible. Then when a customer threw a curve ball at me, I’d be ready.
To the best of my understanding, you could ‘test’ the system all day long and nothing would actually ‘happen’ until you completed the transaction. So, using my own debit card for the transactions, I was always falling short of that step. Granted, I did a LOT of transactions and put quite the amount on some of those transactions… but I digress.
Last night, Adam was at the store and our debit card was declined. Um…yeah. The software decided to take the money out of my account ANYWAY and now our account is in the hole BIG TIME!!!!!!

How could this happen?

I’ve got a call into the representative so hopefully this should get resolved quick. I’ll keep you updated because, well, I KNOW you’re on the edge of your seat. ;-)


Bad Blogger!!!

Yes, I’m still around. Just been very busy! If you recall, I told you I work in a mall. Well, we JUST rolled out a mall-wide gift card and the program’s taken up the main part of my work days, which is about the only time I have to blog. By the end of the day, I’m so sick of being on the computer that the last thing I want to do is go home and get on it. However, my day’s are starting to free up again a bit more and come the end of June, I will be on vacation for 1 ½ weeks! I’m so excited! Adam and I are going to be with his family for the first part of that. We’re going to Medieval Times to celebrate out anniversary, which was yesterday. A whole 3 years! Anyway, then we’re leaving Kaylee with them and we’re going to come home and have the house to our selves for the whole week. Adam had the week off as well, so we’re going to lots of movies and dinners! 

Anyway, pictures are coming soon! I just signed up for Project Spectrum (now that the third month’s almost over) so you will be seeing those photos as well as my Dye-O-Rama yarn that will be sent off to my pal first of next week, should everything go right. In the midst of all this dying, I’ve noticed that not only is it a lot of fun, it’s MUCH easier to do than I thought.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll write soon with a post overloaded with photos! 


Mother's Day

Look at what my wonderful baby girl got me for Mother's Day!!!




Check Out The Lady Bug!

Oh, and my husband helped a little, too ;-)

Eitherway, I LOVE the plant and thought it was sweet. :-)

Quiz Time!

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So Hungry!!!

I could just about eat my own arm, I’m so hungry. However, we have visitors from corporate here at work today and I have to appear to be busy. Appear to be busy means no eating  I’ve gotten a ton of work done today too. I never realized how much I actually slack off ;-)

I got my shipment of Knit Picks in so I can continue to work on Something Red. I am DEFINITELY ripping the sleeves when the sweater’s completed, and re-knitting them to fit better. They’re a tad too short and too big – especially for ribbing. I’m finally about to start on the ribbing of the body tonight. That will start to put a little closure on the sweater for me. To know I’m that close to finishing is a good feeling. Granted, it is inches and inches of ribbing, but getting closer to the end none the less. Now, the hunt for the perfect under-shirt.

Mom’s socks are at a stand-still. I knitted one too short and don’t have the heart to rip back. I keep hoping that the next time I see it, it will have ripped back and re-knitted itself. 

I started knitting a bag a couple of nights ago, but I only have one ball of yarn so it will have to be tiny. It MAY be big enough to be a sock knitting bag. We’ll have to wait and see.


This Is So Me!

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Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

*Sighs Heavily* How I wish I could join all of you at the festivities this year, but alas, I live in Florida and the money for two plane tickets and a hotel room is just NOT in my near future. However, I’m saving every nickel and dime (and an occasional penny here and there) and I plan on going next year. Hey, what’s one year? We all know how quickly time flies anymore, and this way I’ll have more time to knit something really nice to wear. AND I’ll have saved up a little extra to buy as much stuff as I want! :-) Joy!!!

Ok, now that you all know how broke I am (he he) on to knitting. Something Red’s progressing nicely. I’ve been in denial about how much yarn I had left, so I stopped working on it. See, my mom has watched Kaylee for 2 years and we never had to pay for sitters. Well recently, mom has decided to take it down to only 2 days a week and we had to start paying for childcare. Even more recently, she took it down to only 1 day a week. Now, I know we have been VERY fortunate over the past few years, but I tell ya, one sure gets spoiled with the extra income of not paying for a sitter. ;-) Mom needed a break, and that’s fine! So anyway, money’s been a little tight as we get used to the new system and I had to go on a (GULP) *whispers* yarn diet. I’ve never been on one before and went into complete denial. I believe my thoughts went something like this… “Well, if I stop working on Something Red, my last ball can’t possible run out!” Lol, so I stopped until I was able to order more yarn. As long as I had that yarn, I knew I could make a stitch here or decrease there, but when the yarn was gone, IT WAS GONE!!! Now that more yarn’s on the way to live with me, I’ve picked up the sweater and started working on the last ball. I’ve almost completed the second sleeve and am not too far from the ribbing on the lower half. I love working on it. The pride in knowing I am creating a sweater, my first sweater is so exhilarating!!! Can’t wait!

On the Weight Watchers front, I’m at a bit of a stand still. I’ve gained a pound the past two weeks, but last week I lost both of them. I’m at a tie for my lowest weight since I started, which I’m still happy about. I think exercise had finally clicked for me this week, so maybe I can get into the groove of that and lose more this week. HOWEVER, Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and mom and I are making a Martini Bar. Calorie City, but it will be fun. :-)


An Interesting Night Sleep

This was too good – I had to post! I woke up laughing!

I have an extremely vivid imagination, so pretty much anything I experience throughout the day, I tend to dream about within the next couple of nights.

That being said, allow me to collaborate on the events of the past few days. Mom and dad are building a house on a 10 Acre lot, minimal 3,000 sf. Last night, I watched a show on the Food Network regarding a gingerbread competition. Everyone had to build famous mansions out of gingerbread. Yesterday, I took an on-line quiz, and the word sheep was involved in one of my answers. OK, my chain of events is set; on to the dream.

I was walking along, minding my own business, and out of nowhere was this HUGE house (one of the mansions from the competition) with the front door wide open. So, I decided to go inside and have a look around. Mom was standing in the living room, telling some lady that she loved the house. (I’m guessing this has something to do with them building.) I waited for her to finish, and we walked back outside. There was a lady squatting on the lawn by the side of the house. Surrounding her, were about 2 dozen tiny (about a foot tall) sheep! Suddenly, Adam was there and I was asking him if I could buy one! The squatting lady smiled and said “No honey, these sheep have….” After that, I don’t remember much more. I think she was trying to tell me something was wrong with their wool, which was the reason they were so small. I think I ended up getting on anyway but I couldn’t tell you for sure! :-D Ha!!!